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London – City of some of the most historic homes in Europe

If you are on a holiday it is wise to draw up a schedule or travel itinerary of the places you plan to visit. This will help you enjoy the sightseeing which will be based on your area of interests … Continue reading

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Enjoy the vibrant nightlife that London has to offer

London is a city of many facts. There is something for everybody who visits the city, whether they are regular visitors or first time travellers. To begin with, the city is known for its historical landmarks and magnificent heritage sites, … Continue reading

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London at its best for historical monuments

London has always been a part for a perfect destination for holidays. It has many major attractions for tourist. History is probably the main reason that people visit London; you would find some story in every streets and corner or … Continue reading

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London’s Five Most Popular Garden Cafes

What’s a better way of spending a summer afternoon in London than by going out, on a picnic to a city park? The parks of London are not just parks but ‘royal parks’ which are exquisitely maintained with a lot … Continue reading

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Falling in Love with London

London has been a part of my bucket list along with places like Paris, Rome and Egypt since forever. I had a habit of collecting photographs and postcards of different places and adding the most beautiful or appealing ones to … Continue reading

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Touring London in a Family Way

My family is a food buff and travel buff. We are always on a hunt for places which can satisfy both of these hungers. People say it is hard to find places which have both these qualities of being a … Continue reading

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Is There Any Real Difference Between Tourists and Travellers?

Are you a traveller or a tourist? This little question is turning out to be a big debate between two very similar but distinct groups of travellers, I mean tourists, no travellers, wait a minute. Let’s see what people think … Continue reading

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Spa Day Getaway at the Montcalm Hotel in London

Holidays are a great way to unwind and release all the pent up stress of mundane tasks of everyday. But sometimes it just seems impossible to get a break! In that case, what can be better than to devote one … Continue reading

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Playing the Juggler – Balancing Family with Work Travel

Today’s jobs are not restricted to a desk and chair. To achieve 100% efficiency, one often has to travel both domestically and internationally for work. Whether its short two day trips to meet vendors, or a week-long trip to win … Continue reading

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Get Smart and Beat Airport Security Delays

Going on holiday is great. Every one of us craves a change of scene from time to time. It is exciting to plan a vacation, book amazing places to stay and shop for the ‘holiday wardrobe’! It is only when … Continue reading

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Your visit to London would not be complete without

A UNESCO world heritage site and a Mecca for history buffs, the Tower of London is a must-see attraction for those who are serious about making the most of their trip to London. Built by William the conqueror in 1066, … Continue reading

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Luxury Travel Choices: Globe Trotting and Local Life

If your life mantra is work hard play hard, then the latest trend for luxury travel is going to tick all the boxes for you this year. The UK is home to some of Europe’s busiest airports and with daily … Continue reading

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