Take a Secret Underground Journey at London Transport Museum

The first ever journey by London Underground took place in 1863, meaning the tube turns 150 this year. To commemorate the big anniversary, the London Transport Museum has made 2013 a bumper year for tube-related attractions – to date, it’s launched a major exhibition on London Underground poster designs and given visitors the opportunity to ride in an exquisite art deco carriage, among other things.

At the end of August, it’ll be upping the ante with a truly exciting, immersive theatre event at Aldwych Station, a disused stop on the Piccadilly Line.

Buses Lined Up outside the Transport Museum in London
Entitled Lost & Found: A Secret Underground Journey, the show promises to reimagine the tube’s entire history through interactive installations, projected images, sound and light. Aldwych Station should prove the perfect venue – both eerily atmospheric and able to give visitors first-hand experience of the architecture and engineering it’s so easy to overlook during the average tube journey.

Over the course of the hour-long show, participants will be led through the ticket hall and down onto the platform – hearing the fabulous tales of forgotten characters, people and places as they go. According to the London Transport Museum, the set design adapts to visitors as they move around the station, making them feel like they’re a part of the story themselves.

Lost & Found is a collaboration with Nexus Interactive Arts, whose co-founder Chris O’Reilly says: “This is a hugely exciting project to be involved with. Aldwych Station is a powerful and evocative setting for this innovative event.

“We have an incredible team behind it, bringing their experience in delivering storytelling and interactivity together to ensure a wholly unique experience for the visitor.”

The show begins on August 30th and will run from Tuesdays to Sundays for eight weeks. Tickets cost £25 off-peak and £30 at peak times, with a £5 discount available for concessions.

Aldwych Station is located near the Strand, so it should prove easy to reach for those staying at luxury London hotels in the city centre.

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