Take advantage of the January sales by visiting London

With Christmas now just over a week today, people up and down the country are going into shopping overdrive as they scramble to pick up presents for all their friends and family. For some, this may be a bit of a chore, and the end of the shopping season can’t come quick enough; others, however, will be in their element, and anyone who just loves to shop till they drop will be pleased to known that there will be plenty more chances for some retail therapy after Christmas is all done and dusted.

Once the presents have been opened and the packaging discarded, the real shopping can begin, with outlets across the UK slashing their prices for the January sales.

So, if Santa doesn’t bring you all the gifts you were hoping for this year, you may well be able to get them yourself, with bargains aplenty to be found. It’s also a good chance to buy any belated Christmas presents that you may have forgotten to pick up before the big day itself (oops!).

To get the most out of the January sales, you’d be wise to take a trip to London, with the capital’s retail offering being easily on a par with other major shopping destinations like Milan and Paris.

In fact, it’s the shopping epicentre of the universe, with Oxford Street being the largest commercial street in the world, while the Westfield shopping centres (located in Stratford and Shepherd’s Bush) are the biggest in Europe.

For gifts of a more swanky variety, there’s always Regent Street and Bond Street, where you’ll find a host of high-end boutiques selling the very finest fashion, jewellery, cars and more.

And with so much demand for good in the capital, shops are likely to be reducing their prices by huge amounts, so if you ever decide to head to London for a shopping trip, make sure you do it in January.

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