Take your kids to the House Where Winter Lives at Discover

Winter is a magical time for children and adults alike, but for families with little ones aged between three and six, there is no better show to head to in London in the coming months than the House Where Winter Lives at the Discover Children’s Story Centre.

Punchdrunk Enrichment is working with Discover to transform the centre in Stratford into a miraculous frozen forest, which will provide the backdrop for an immersive storytelling adventure for visitors staying in central London hotels.

Running between November 29th and January 13th, the House Where Winter Lives will see children invited into a pleasant, warm forest cottage by its two dwellers who are preparing for the winter ahead. Yet, as they get to the door they realise they have lost the all-important key.

Audiences will then have to join the pair on an exciting quest to find the key, hunting for clues that may lead to its discovery in the secret forest.

“Discover is an amazing place for families and young children to be inspired by storytelling.  Their dedication to interactive playing and learning fits in perfectly with our work at Punchdrunk Enrichment and we’re extremely excited to be working with them,” said Pete Higgin, enrichment director at Punchdrunk.

Punchdrunk Enrichment has had previous success with the Crash of the Elysium and has worked with schools before in Under the Eiderdown, Grey’s Printing Press and Up Up and Away.

The production company was formed in 2008 as an offshoot of its parent organisation Punchdrunk, which is a theatre firm established in 2000 to create productions where audiences have the freedom to watch what they want and go wherever they want to go.

“We are delighted to welcome Punchdrunk Enrichment to Discover, to create a fantastic immersive experience for very young children and their families,” said Sally Goldsworthy, chief executive at Discover.

Discover Children’s Story Centre is a stone’s throw from the Stratford High Street overground stop and only a short walk from the Stratford underground station.

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