Team GB wins Olympic Taekwondo gold

Team GB added to its medal haul last night with a win from a 19-year-old Taekwondo fighter.

Jade Jones from Wales put in a thrilling performance against the current world champion Yuzhuo Hou from China to win the bout 6-4.

“Great Britain has done amazingly and it made me think, ‘I want that and I want to be a part of it,'” said Jones, who is also known as the ‘Head-Hunter’.

“To be the first ever one from GB Taekwondo just adds the cherry on the cake,” she told BBC Sport.

She now hopes that her achievement will help to promote the sport to a wider audience, especially as the crowds at the ExCel centre seemed thrilled to be watching the action.

“Taekwondo is such a low-key sport, so hopefully this will boost its profile a little bit. The support I had today was just amazing, it’s a bit crazy really!” said the welsh woman.

There was less success for fellow Team GB member Martin Stamper who lost his bronze medal match 5-3 against Afghanistan’s Rohullah Nikpai.

However, those staying at central London hotels watching the Taekwondo today (August 10th) will be able to see British world champion Sarah Stevenson start her Olympic journey but the pressure is on after she has recently suffered a number of injuries and personal problems.

“Success would mean everything to me, but so long as I do my best on the day and have no regrets then I don’t think I can lose no matter what,” Stevenson told BBC Sport.

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