The Best Parks of London

London has plenty to show for when it comes to beauty and elegance. If the amazing streets, architecture and palaces aren’t enough, the parks of London will surely take your breath away. The royal parks of London, add a totally different dimension to the busy city of London, that of tranquility and natural beauty. Visitors should make an elaborate note about which are the best parks in London and should definitely spend some quality time there.

One of the best parks in London is the Hyde Park. It has thousands of trees spread around a large space, a meadow, rose gardens and a lake making it immensely popular among visitors. The presence of a lovely fountain in the memory of Princess Diana makes the whole setting complete.

Another beautiful park, the Regent’s Park, attracts not only nature lovers but also sports enthusiasts. The park has facilities to support cricket, football and rugby besides having an open air theatre. The expanse of the park is just unbelievable and without any doubt is one of the best parks of London.

The Victoria Park besides being known as the first park to be made public is also a host to several big events that happen in London. It has a sports ground and a tennis court too, another park that takes care of both fitness and peace of mind.

The Hampstead Park is not for health lovers, it’s best for romantic outings. The quiet and serene greens of this park, lets you get away from the fast hectic pace of city life and calms your senses.

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