The best places in London to watch the sun set

With spring now on the horizon and the clocks about to go forward, the days are getting longer and temperature is beginning to rise. As a by-product of this, sunsets are becoming increasingly dramatic, with the sun taking a little longer to make its daily departure, leaving the skies above London tinted with red and orange hues.

The capital is a wonderful place to watch the sun go down at this time of year, as the glistening skyscrapers which shape its skyline do a wonderful job of reflecting the heavens, and seem to blend in seamlessly with the entire scene.

What’s more, there are plenty of excellent vantage points all over the city from which this spectacle can be enjoyed each evening, so whether you want to create a romantic mood or simply want to unwind at the end of a long day you’ll find no shortage of great spots from where to watch your troubles melt away.

Sunset at Peckham Rye Park

Remember though that the sun sets in the west, so the best way to enjoy the sunset over London is to head to the eastern part of the city and direct your gaze westwards. As such, a good starting point is the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in Stratford, where visitors can climb to the observation deck of the ArcelorMittal Orbit Tower – the UK’s tallest monument – and watch the sun go down over the city’s high-rise buildings. With the Olympic Park being just 15 minutes by tube from the Montcalm Hotel on the Central Line, it provides a great way to begin your evening out in London.

Alternatively, you may want to enjoy the sunset from the viewing platform of the Shard, from where you’ll be able to see the Thames reflecting the red sky as the sun disappears behind Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament.

To escape the noise of the streets, meanwhile, try climbing the hill in Greenwich Park, where you’ll not only be able to see the entire city basking in the early evening haze, but will also find the world-famous Royal Observatory, which is a great place for learning a little more about the cosmos.

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