The Boat Race is coming back to London

The Oxford and Cambridgeshire Boat Race on the River Thames in London is one of the world’s longest running sports events and every year it attracts thousands of people to the city to see the keen contest.

It is one of the most popular events on the London sporting calendar and there is always millions of people watching the action unfold on TV, but why not join in and watch the whole thing live?

In 2012, Cambridge won the 158th Boat Race, taking their tally to 81 races won against Oxford’s 76.

Several of the Oxbridge rowers also sought glory this summer at the Olympic Games in London.

There are many different places across the route to join in the fun on March 31st, but do make sure you get there early enough so that you get a good spot.

You can find a place to watch the race on either side of the river along the full length of the course, but the more common areas at the beginning of the race are on either side of Putney Bridge – where the race starts – and Craven Cottage, which is the home of Fulham Football Club.

Hammersmith and Barnes is the best area for mid-race, but if you want to be there for the dramatic conclusion, then head along to Duke’s Meadows or Chiswick Bridge.

This event could quite easily be part of a weekend stay in one of the many luxury London hotels that the city has to offer.

You’ll probably want to stay somewhere near a tube station so you can easily get to and from wherever you want to be standing for the showpiece.

For instance, the Chiswick Bridge site is just under one-and-a-half miles from its nearest Tube stop – Kew Gardens.

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