The Immense Potential of Tom Odell

Coming from Chichester, the 22-year old Tome Odell with his boyish blond locks and well-meaning grin has become the first male winner of the Brits’ ‘Critics’ choice award. The earlier awardees are Adele, Emeli Sande and Jessie J. He had a sold out debut UK tour and a record deal with Lily Allen’s label and knobs twiddled by Keane’s producer.

Odell radiates the potential of becoming of super-star in the field of singing as his songs combine his Jeff Buckleye type of golden voice and thumped piano which is enough to forecast that he will draw large audiences wherever he goes resulting in a huge commercial success and loud ringing of cash registers. His tinkling ‘Another Love’ has already been used as a BBC trailer. His highly popular song Can’t Pretend -“My skin is rough but it can be cleansed” is also set to make some skin products very popular among teens.
Odell has the depth, ability and substance to be able to enchant mainstream audiences. He sings with his eyes closed but when he opens them to peek at the front rows, he overlooks the need to sustain the illusion. He has a certain glint in his eyes that sets him apart from the mainstream troubadour.

At certain times, his music shows signs of his livewire character when he brands rock’n’roll, “dead” and Liam Gallagher “full of shit” in interviews. When he attempts a deconstruction of Honky Tonk Women, his boot hits the floor and he sounds more like an exhilarating mixture of the Waterboys and glam-era Elton John rather than a blend of Commodores and Coldplay, as the sweat pours from his face. Another big triumphal anthem is ‘Hold Me’ and the possibility of his success bringing fireworks becomes more likely when he returns holding a beer and suggesting that he might “get wrecked” after the show.

Musician Tom Odell is a child prodigy as he started songwriting original material since the age of 13. He is now 22 years old and he has already built up a sizable fan-base, having made his TV debut in 2012. He has been signed by Columbia and he is already being compared to the late Jeff Buckley but when he presents the man-at-piano posture, he resembles Chris Martin without the rousing roar of Coldplay.

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