The Last Days of the Arctic exhibition set to finish

Available to view at the Proud Galleries in Chelsea since late January, The Last Days of the Arctic exhibition is nearing its finish date on March 11th.

The exhibition is comprised of photographs taken by esteemed photojournalist Ragnar Axelsson, and is designed to reflect the diminishing landscape of the Arctic as climate change looks set to change it forever.

As well as the impact that is currently being felt by the environment, the various images are also intended to depict the peril faced by the people who live there as they are forced to adapt to changing conditions.

Having gained access to remote villages and small Inuit communities that inhabit some of the Arctic Circle’s most isolated regions, Axelsson has compiled a collection that provides visitors with the opportunity to gain an exclusive look at these ancient cultures that could be destined for extinction.

Considering the danger climate change poses to the traditional lifestyle of peoples that currently live in the areas under threat, the photographs present a rare insight into parts of Greenland and Iceland that may disappear in the coming years taking into account recent trends.

Axelsson’s inspiration for starting the project was the fear that if he did not document the lives of fishermen and farmers in some of Iceland’s more remote regions, the world would not know that they had ever existed.

The exhibition offers a fantastic opportunity to see a unique collection of images that represent the effects of climate change in areas of the planet that many people are not familiar with.

With a number of luxury London hotels nearby, visitors to the capital may wish to take advantage of the photographs on display at the Chelsea Proud and get a feeling for the impact that environmental change is having on some of the world’s more isolated cultures.

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