The Science Museum brings the Large Hadron Collider to London

Giving visitors the opportunity to “step inside the world’s greatest experiment”, London’s Science Museum has announced a major new exhibition set to open later this year.

The Large Hadron Collider is located 100 metres beneath the Jura Mountains in Switzerland. From this autumn, however, ‘Collider’ will allow budding particle physicists to experience CERN’s famous facility at the heart of the English capital.

Organised in close collaboration with CERN, Collider is the first exhibition of its kind and will offer attendees a unique behind-the-scenes look at the world’s largest particle physics laboratory through a range of multimedia exhibits.

This represents “the closest possible experience to visiting the famous site itself”, claim organisers.

Exhibition-goers can explore replicas of places in the CERN facility, including a control room and an impressive underground detector cavern. The Science Museum promises that “virtual scientists and researchers” will be in attendance thanks for innovative use of theatre, video and sound art. Interactive exhibits will give visitors the chance to investigate cutting-edge scientific tools and apparatus up-close.

The exhibition’s centrepiece is a huge wrap-around projection that puts visitors right inside the Large Hadron Collider’s 27 km tunnel, immersing them in scenes like a giant experiment cavern and showing exactly what happens when two particles collide.

Additionally, several items have been loaned directly from CERN. These include elements from the collider’s four massive detectors and a section of the 15 m magnets used to steer particle beams.

A range of exhibits illustrating the history of particle physics will provide context to CERN’s groundbreaking work, including the apparatus credited with helping JJ Thomson discover the electron in 1827.

Collider will open on November 13th and run for six months. In the meantime, the Science Museum is still one of the capital’s leading tourist destinations and well worth a visit for those staying in Luxury London hotels this year. Those travelling via the London Underground should head towards the South Kensington tube stop, where a pedestrian subway leads visitors directly to the museum entrance.

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