The Taste of Afternoon Teas in London

In several parts of the capital you would really get to taste some exquisite afternoon tea specialties. There are several afternoon tea destinations in several parts of London. Some of these places are immensely overpriced but the delight of having such a tasty tea is simply great. In North West part of London you have some of these special tea junctions and these are quite famous among the locals. Bake-a-boo is the name of one such special tea junction and part from this special herbal delight you also get to taste things like Roxy, Bella, Poly and the rest.

The Bea’s of Bloomsbury is another special tea junction in London. It is more of a café. It has its branches even inn Chelsea. Here you receive plates in form of double deckers. With clotted creams and delicious strawberry jam you know that you are having a taste of some of the bests in London. These are good places where you can sit and chat with your friends and have the best merrymaking. Service is not the same in all tea junctions. Thus, you have to keep the patience if you really want to enjoy at the place. During the afternoons of weekends these places almost remain filled.

In case you are searching for a bit of tranquility then you can easily have your seat at Bond & Brook at Fenwick. This is a really good one with the best imaginative and aesthetic menu meant for all cuisine lovers. With these you have other wonderful tea destinations as well. These include The Botanist, The Dean Street Townhouse, The Drink Shop & Do, Gallery Mess, High Tea of Highgtate, Japanese Garden at Blakes, the Modern Pantry, The Le Chandelier and others. It is true that once you visit these places you are sure to have a real flavor of London afternoon tea.

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