This year’s Italian Film Festival at Cine Lumiere

The second annual Italian Film Festival will return to London this year to celebrate some of Italy’s best emerging cinematic art and production talents.

Taking place at Cine Lumiere in South Kensington, the event is particularly close to some of the luxury hotels london, making it an attractive prospect for anyone staying in the city and looking to sample some of the wide ranging diversity the capital has to offer.

Many of the films on display will be making their British debut, and several of them are designed to provide an insight into modern day Italian society.

Contemporary immigration to Italy is one of the running themes throughout the festival, meaning this is both an exciting and interesting event.

With an impressive 13 films on offer, the screenings will run from March 9th to 15th, and a selection of them are set to be shown twice throughout the week.

Everything from murder to love is covered by the range of films, and couples looking for romantic London getaways may be tempted by some of the more intimate plot lines.

The majority of the screenings will also be attended by the directors behind the festival’s pieces, giving visitors the opportunity to speak to some of Italy’s upcoming talent in the world of cinema.

Considering that the event is only running for a week, anyone interested only has a small window in which to get involved with the exclusive celebrations.

With London being the only city in the UK that will be hosting the festival – Scotland has its own alternative that it will be holding later in the year – film lovers from all over the country may be drawn to the capital in a bid to get the first look at some of the newest talent in Italian cinema.

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