Touring London in a Family Way

My family is a food buff and travel buff. We are always on a hunt for places which can satisfy both of these hungers. People say it is hard to find places which have both these qualities of being a good food destination and a good travel destination and even if that happens, it would not be the ideal family destination; the fact is there are so many such places which can be great family destination, like London.

We had been postponing a London holiday for a long time but finally we made a plan to spend a week in the famed city. We all reacted in a different way when the date of the trip was finally decided. I immediately started looking for cheap air tickets and hotels. My wife started working on a rather long list of things that she had to buy from the city. My 10 year old son had just heard about a museum with dinosaurs in London, so he started working on a list of museums he had to see. But my 5 year old daughter was the most excited of the lot as she’ll finally get to see the London Bridge falling.

London with Family

I was able to book pretty decent accommodation for 4 days in The Montcalm Hotel. It was probably the best place to stay as it is amazingly close to the Natural History Museum and British Museum. Without doubt the first place we had to see was the Natural History Museum and the big dinosaur. The entry to the museum was free but there were a couple of amazing exhibitions which had an entry ticket. Then it was time to spend some time in the Hyde Park, which was good enough to hold us for an hour or so.

After spending some time in the Hyde Park, we exited on the Marble Arch end of the park because our next stop was Oxford Street. Although there were some nice restaurants around, we liked the feel of small cafe, where we had high tea and scones. The first day of our trip had been a little lazy so we decided that we are going to do something touristy the next day, something like roaming around London in the Double-decker tour bus.

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