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With British film Gravity having won several gongs at the Oscars on Sunday night (March 2nd), the value of watching a film on an IMAX screen has never been more apparent, and if you’d like to see what all the fuss is about then a trip to London could well be the perfect solution.

That’s because the city is home to several IMAX cinemas where all manner of films can be enjoyed, ranging from Hollywood blockbusters to educational documentaries.

Watching 3d Movie at Imax Cinema

Over the past few years, an ever increasing number of major directors have been choosing to shoot their films specifically for IMAX, which differs from regular cinema screens in terms of its dimensions, accommodating a larger frame size in order to create a greater sense of grandeur and truly engulf the audience in the visual experience.

Among the recent popular films to have been made to IMAX specifications include the likes of Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises, as well as James Cameron’s Avatar and of course Gravity.

The most famous IMAX cinema in London – and indeed the country – can be found at Waterloo, and regularly shows popular new releases as well as fascinating documentaries covering topics such as marine biology, dinosaurs and outer space – perfect for anyone who’s seen Gravity and now wants to continue their visual experience of the cosmos.

Elsewhere, the Science Museum also boasts its own IMAX screen, and with so many fantastic exhibits and artefacts dedicated to space exploration this really is a wonderful place to come to further your enjoyment of Alfonso Cuaron’s Oscar-winning sci-fi thriller.

Yet another IMAX screen can be found at the Odeon cinema, just 4 stops westbound from the Montcalm Hotel, in Shepherds Bush, while several more are also dotted around the capital.

So, instead of heading to a regular cinema to see the next major blockbuster, why not check if it’s on at an IMAX cinema in London?

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