Viva Forever

Viva Forever! is a most modern story of celebrity culture, TV talent shows and the travails of overnight fame, which has been written by Jennifer Saunders, who makes her debut in the West End script writing with this show. Judy Cramer is the producer of the show and she describes the show as embracing all generations. It is a musical based on the unprecedented success of the hits of British girl-group the Spice Girls that has hit the theatre world sixteen years after Baby, Ginger, Sporty, Scary and Posh thundered on the world of pop songs in the flurry of crop tops and platforms. The show features unforgettable hits like Wannabe, Mama and Two Become One and it is running at London’s Piccadilly Theatre from the winter of 2012.

The show uses the comedy genius of Jennifer Saunders and the theatrical expertise of Judy Cramer, the producer of Mama Mia. The story is a heavily spiced tale of friendship, fame and fortune based on the success story of the Spice Girls who had achieved nine number one singles, 75 million album sales and a plethora of accolades from all quarters.

Viva Forever! showcases the journey of a girl and the people around her whom she loves, that lands her in the superficial world of ‘Starmaker’ a TV talent show that fulfills her ambition of getting fame and fortune. However, they soon realize that life in the spotlight is not as glamorous and happy as they thought it would be.

The Viva Forever! show includes hit songs Wannabe, Who Do You Think You Are, 2 Become 1 and many more. A visit to the show will provide all the high notes and provide a fantastic night out that will give a good-feel experience as the new musical showcases love, friendship and just being what you really are or want to be.

The Piccadilly Theatre, where the show is being performed, has a simple exterior that has a grandiose Art Deco Theatre inside with a huge auditorium decorated in shocking pink. The bars and foyer of the theatre are dominantly painted with gold and green and are provided with beautiful original light fittings.

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