Wildflowers to provide London 2012 background

An area covering ten football fields will burst into bloom with wildflowers close to the Olympic Stadium.

Organisers of the Games believe the largest ever man-made wildflower meadow will provide a fitting setting for the sporting event and ensure spectators attending the Olympic Park enjoy their surroundings this summer.

London 2012 Organising Committee chair Seb Coe said: “After completing our successful series of London Prepares test events we are preparing the Olympic Park to host millions of spectators this summer.

“The wildflower meadows timed to flower around the Stadium in July are just one example of the painstakingly detailed and innovative work of the team of experts that have created the Olympic Park that will be enjoyed by spectators during the Games and for generations to come.”

It has taken two years of research by wildflower expert Professor Nigel Dunnett to ensure that the meadows will bloom just before the opening ceremony on July 27th.

The professor from the University of Sheffield explained that the meadows will be transformed in just over two months into a perfect waist-high wildflower area with a variety of bees and butterflies.

As well as the flowers, the Olympic Delivery Authority has planted a total of 4,000 trees, 300,000 wetlands plants and in excess of 150,000 perennial plants and bushes to ensure that the former wasteland is transformed into a picturesque and appealing venue.

Last week, the Olympic flame was lit in Greece as the start date of London 2012 gets closer. Therefore, anyone lucky enough to have tickets to the world’s largest sporting event should ensure they book their central London hotels as soon as possible.

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