Your visit to London would not be complete without

A UNESCO world heritage site and a Mecca for history buffs, the Tower of London is a must-see attraction for those who are serious about making the most of their trip to London. Built by William the conqueror in 1066, the Tower served as a palace as well as a fortress to fend off invaders. Today it is one of those most visited London attractions, drawing in over2 million people each year.

Visitors come to this site to experience life in old London, to learn about the well-known legends and infamous villains that were crucial figures in English history, as well as to get to know the Royal Family’s interesting past.

Located on the north bank of river Thames, the Tower of London can be easily accessed by public transport. Visitors can begin their excursion at the Welcome Centre, where you can find guides and maps to help you navigate the site.

A Yeoman Warder Tour offers a fantastic way to ensure you don’t miss any important areas in the Tower and to learn about them. The in-depth knowledge of the Yeoman Warders means they have wonderful as well as bloody tales to tell.

The Royal Menagerie represents a zoological garden that fills one’s imagination. A ‘white bear’ from Norway, an African elephant and aggressive lions were justa few of the beasts that were held as symbols of power and entertainment.

For those travelling with children, the Medieval Palace Family trail is a fun way for the kids to learn about princesses and knights, as well as what normal life was like inside the palace away from all the bloodshed.

The Crown Jewels with all 23,578 gems is obviously another big draw card, as is the Royal Mint and the Armoury section that provides a glimpse to the fortress’s powerful past.

At the end of a fun filled experience, you will of course want to unwind and get away from the tourist crowds. The Montcalm London Marble Arch luxury hotel provides a perfect environment in which you can relax, reflect on your day and enjoy a perfect night’s sleep.

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