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Pillow Menu

The Montcalm London Marble Arch indulges you all day and spoils you even while you sleep. Pick your choice of pillows to make your forty winks, beauty sleep or serene snooze a heavenly delight. Click here to download our Pillow Menu.

Hypo Allergenic Pillow

100% cotton, non- allergy pillows filled with fibre balls to ensure a satisfying sneeze free sleep.

Anti-Aging Pillow

Fitted with a special cover (100% cotton) and treated with vitamin E that helps prevent skin aging.

Manly Magic

Made comfortably firmer with 55% goose feather inside and 45% goose down outside, wrapped in a luxurious 100% cotton cover.

Ladies' Dainty Delight

Especially designed for those who sleep lightly, Ladies' Dainty Delight is the softest pillow in our pillow selection.

Shape Your Sleep

Made with 100% pincore latex, this pillow moulds itself around you, offering perfect neck support during the night, so that you sleep in nothing less than sheer delight.

The Ecological Pillow

Built only with pleasing, ecological elements, this lovely pillow is a reviving option to a wonderful sleep - naturally!


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