12 Places to Buy House Plants in London


London may be a busy urban centre, but it also has plentiful greenery. In addition, Londoners certainly value any opportunity to incorporate a little more ‘green’ into their homes – and they are able to do this by visiting an array of great spaces dedicated to bringing nature to indoor spaces.

Petersham Nurseries


A well-known brand in London, Petersham Nurseries offers everything you need to cultivate your house plants, including not only the plants themselves but the tools to help maintain them. There’s a teahouse on-site where you can access a range of delicious treats, making it a great place to visit after exploring meeting venues in London.

There’s events throughout the year which help cultivate fans of the great outdoors, many of them targeted around entertaining.

The Nunhead Gardener

Only a couple of minutes away from Nunhead Station, The Nunhead Gardener is a small gardening centre which is run by only four people. However, whilst the space itself is notable dainty, there’s lots to recommend it, including both plants and accessories for indoors and outdoors.

In addition, you’ll find a wide selection of tools and supplements designed to help your house plants have a longer life, ensuring you can enjoy your new houseplant for much longer.

The Secret Garden


In the scenic surrounds of Crystal Palace, you’ll find The Secret Garden. While it now looks delightfully lush and green, thirty years ago this was little more than a building site – but has now been transformed to form a garden centre with a wide range of tools, gifts and accessories all available for sale alongside the house plants.

One of the most popular staff members is The Secret Garden’s dog, Cyril – he’s often caught having a nap around the shop, and makes a quaint addition to this delightful retail space within easy reach of your Marble Arch hotel.

N1 Garden Centre

This garden centre is dedicated to a discerning clientele, and has a particularly upscale look and feel. You won’t find much gardening paraphernalia here, but you will find lots of chic plants and accessories, alongside designer garden furniture.

Everything is cultivated with a design-led eye, but it’s also pretty practical – and despite the designer sheen, the staff are also hugely knowledgeable and personable.

Neal’s Nurseries


Located close to Wandsworth Common, Neal’s Nurseries is ideal for aspiring and mid-level gardeners, providing them with a wealth of resources and well-known plants sure to liven up green spaces throughout the year. There’s lots of fruit and vegetables available alongside flowers, and even a few species of tree.

The staff here are knowledgeable and enthusiastic about plants, and will provide fantastic advice to anyone who wants to add some greenery and house plants into their home.

Sunshine Garden Centre

Once home to a swimming pool, Sunshine Garden Centre is still based in the same spot, with its vast glasshouse venue and a couple of additional outhouses which enable them to stock much more greenery.

This is a popular place to buy gifts or simply an item designed to help brighten up a dull and dreary indoor space. During December, the garden centre is also known for its large festive displays – providing the perfect place to grab a few seasonal house plants after enjoying an afternoon tea in London.

Grace and Thorn


Based in East London, Grace and Thorn is a florist with plenty of visual appeal. Here you’ll find almost anything you could be looking for. In addition, the venue has even released a book detailing its gardening philosophy, entitled, ‘How Not to Kill Your Plants’.

This will no doubt be reassuring advice for anyone who hasn’t had a lot of luck with their prior gardening projects.


A Deptford-based venue, this is a fantastic spot for anyone on the lookout for a quirky houseplant. Plants nestle alongside a variety of other items such as homeware and decorative touches, with shelf upon shelf of potted plants giving you a huge amount of variety to choose from.

Whether you prefer to add colour to your indoor spaces or simply want to stick to straightforward greenery, you’ll find it all here in abundance.

Growing Concerns


Situated in Victoria Park, Growing Concerns is a garden centre staffed entirely by garden designers and specialists in horticulture.  Dedicated to social enterprise, the space is designed specifically for helping to add some nature to the East End.

The team not only provide plants and access to classes and workshops, but also visit schools to help cultivate the green-fingered individuals of the future. If you’re staying at luxury hotels in London and want an authentic look at the local gardening scene, this is a great place to start.

Rassells of Kensington

This West Kensington garden centre looks more like a florist at first sight, but once you step indoors you’ll discover a treasure trove of gardening tools, house plants and accessories – ideal for projects of all sizes. As with so many of the venues on our list, the staff here are friendly and knowledgeable, and happy to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

W6 Garden Centre


Located in West London, the W6 Garden Centre is in a particularly leafy and green part of the city, with an eager staff who know a great deal about the plants on offer. They’re particularly happy to tell you all about the best ways to keep your plants alive – with practical, easily implementable guidance for anyone who really wants to improve their connection with nature.

The Palace Gardener

Based in Fulham, The Palace Gardener has undergone a significant refurbishment to transform itself into a haven for lovers of houseplants. In addition, there’s a lot of wonderful accessories such as garden furniture and outdoor plants.

There’s a wide selection to choose from, and the space is also family-run by a team with an obvious enthusiasm for nature. Whatever you’re looking for, you’re likely to find it here.