3 Amazing London Food Tours for Serious Foodies

London Food Tours

It’s never been easier to get serious about being a foodie in London today. Whether you’re a hardcore vegan or a thoroughly modern ‘flexitarian’ London has a food tour to suit you. There are hundreds of fabulous food tours to choose from, but to whet your appetite here are three of our favourites.

London Food Tours

Sunday Shoreditch Food Tour

For starters it’s the best worst kept secret in London – The Secret Food Tours’ Sunday Shoreditch Food Tour. At less than 20 minutes from Montcalm London City hotel, Shoreditch has the perfect blend of history, culture and fashion – all the things which make London truly unique. Head straight out from our luxury suites in London to sample luxurious sweet and savoury creations from historical locations famous for their culinary expertise. On the Sunday Shoreditch Food Tour you’ll follow an immensely knowledgeable tour guide around a multicultural menu, sampling tastes from Jewish, Indian, English, Bangladeshi, and Ghanaian cultures.

Food Market

The Sunday Shoreditch Food Tour is more than just a dining experience, as the tour takes you through some historical places, and allows you the opportunity to see what life was like in the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries, through both food and architecture. From bagels to truffles, from Indian street food to good old British fish and chips, the tour perfectly blends tastes and flavours from around the world – each one complemented with your choice of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Celia Brooks’ Gastrotours

For your main, why not try something a little different? Our second recommended food tour comes from a private chef and author who isn’t from London – in fact, she isn’t even from the UK. Celia Brooks arrived in London after university and settled here after falling in love with the food and the atmosphere.Street food

Originally she’s from Colorado in the USA – a little more than a 20 minute walk from Montcalm London City – and she brought with her a fierce passion for vegetarian cuisine. She has written a small library of books all about the joys of cooking with the freshest, most vibrant fruits and vegetables and has spent her years in London giving live demonstrations.

She founded “Gastrotours” in 2002, designing and conducting tasting tours around London’s foodie hotspots. As the only person licensed and permitted by Borough Market to run tours there, her tours are unique and a must-visit attraction for even the most carnivorous foodie.

Twilight Soho Food and Cocktail Tour

And for dessert? We have to recommend Eating London’s Twilight Soho Food and Cocktail Tour. What could be better than spending the evening in a variety of Soho’s most delectable eateries, sampling simple, elegant meals and sumptuous desserts, and washing the whole thing down with the perfect gin and tonic? During the tour, you’ll travel the world, from tastes of Chinatown to gourmet Mexican fare. As well a learning more about the food that has shaped the Soho area, you’ll learn about Soho’s dark and notorious past, while expert tour guides reveal some of Soho’s best kept secrets.

Brought to you from one of London’s most experienced and established tour operators, the Twilight Soho Food and Cocktail Tour is the perfect end to your trip, so be sure to visit before heading back to you room at the Montcalm.