3 Live Music Events You Won’t Want to Miss this Month


No one could ever say that the capital is lacking when it comes to venues for good music.

In fact, London has some of the most famous live music events venues anywhere in the world and a long history of hosting – and sometimes playing home to – famous musicians as diverse as Handel, Hendrix and The Rolling Stones. What that means, in short, is that there’s never any lack of great live music to sample.


And, happily, you’re in a perfect spot to find it all from the Montcalm Hotel Marble Arch.

Soft Cell

If you’re a lover of the eighties, or just like your pop dark and expertly crafted, Soft Cell is playing at the O2 Arena on the 30th of September for one last, very special reunion gig under the banner, ‘Say Hello, Wave Goodbye’.

Soft Cell blazed a trail in the eighties with their glowering synth-pop, coming up alongside fellow luminaries like Depeche Mode and Frankie Goes to Hollywood. Comprising Marc Almond and Dave Ball, Soft Cell achieved humongous success in the UK and beyond, and many now regard them as one of the defining acts of the era.

This is the group’s first UK show since 2003, and it promises to be a real cracker. They’ll bring all their hits – ten tracks in the UK Top 40, don’t you know – and it’s sure to be a very special final gig. And it’s easy to reach from our luxury accommodation London.

Biffy Clyro

Over the best part of two decades now, Biffy Clyro have traded in explosive three-piece rock with a soft, raw emotional edge.

Playing at the Royal Albert Hall on September the 24th, the Scottish band is stripping back the noise and picking up the acoustic instruments for a unique show. One of Biffy Clyro’s defining elements is the heartfelt lyrics and melody that underpins what they do. So often submerged beneath their raging performances, this acoustic show promises to show off the band’s lyricism and musicality in a more sedate setting.

Biffy Clyro has attained a place in modern British rock that is all their own, putting together beguiling, stunning music for years and now is your chance to catch them in a more relaxed mode. Make the trip from your room at the Montcalm Hotel Marble Archyou won’t regret it.

Kylie Minogue

Some say Madonna is the queen of pop, others might opt for Britney, but there’s nothing quite like a Kylie Minogue live show to get you up and dancing.

Minogue is a familiar face to Britons, stemming from her early days on the soap opera ‘Neighbours’ and she’s come a long way since then. With a healthy clutch of mega-hits under her belt and years honing her stagecraft, this show promises to feature amazing pyrotechnics, eye-popping choreography and more danceable tunes than most people can handle. Kylie Minogue is a true professional when it comes to stagecraft and performing, almost seeing it as her duty to send her audience away exhausted, exhilarated and happy. And, odds are, that’s just how you’ll feel at the end of the show.