4 Unmissable Art Exhibitions to See Before The End Of The Year

art exhibitions london

The melting pot of culture that is London city has always been a favourite spot to visit for the artistically inclined. The birthplace of legendary artists such as John Bratby, William Hogarth and Joseph Turner, London is now home to artists from all over the world and proudly hosts work from an array of different cultures, nationalities, eras and genres.

art exhibitions london

Indeed, with so many different options to feast your eyes upon you could be forgiven for being overwhelmed by the wealth of art London has to offer, especially if you’re staying for a short break or just a weekend. In order to slim down the herd, we’ve picked four unmissable art exhibitions all art lovers simply need to see before the end of 2017.

Tal R: Sexshops

As you might’ve guessed, this exhibition depicts sexshops. It also depicts the exteriors of strip clubs, massage parlours and brothels. This exhibition is the brainchild of Tel Aviv artist Tal R, with the focus being to explore the frontages of places such as these to unpackage the meaning of what goes on inside the venues. This thought-provoking exhibition naturally poses questions about themes of satisfaction and desire due to the nature of its content, both in art and in life in general. Hosted at the trendy Victoria Miro in Hoxton, nearby luxury suites London include our lavish M by Montcalm Hotel in Shoreditch if you’re looking for a place to stay within close proximity.

Drawn in colour: Degas from the Burrell

Drawn in colour: Degas from the Burrell
The Dance Class, by Edgar Degas, 1873, French impressionist painting, oil on canvas. Over twenty women, ballerinas and their mothers, wait while a dancer executes her examination

Another easily reachable exhibition for those staying in one of our centrally located London boutique hotels, French artist Hilaire-Germain-Edgar Degas brings the spirit of France to London with his beautifully vibrant and atmospheric depictions of Parisian life. This is the first time Degas’s paintings, pastels and drawings have been shown outside Scotland, meaning it’s a great chance for Londoners to check out some brilliant art they may not have seen before. Find it at the National Gallery.

Nature Morte

Guildhall Art Gallery London
Guildhall Art Gallery in the City of London in the UK

‘Nature morte’ is French for ‘dead nature’, so don’t expect to see bowls of fruit here. These works may not be to everyone’s taste, but it’s undeniable that this genre has seen many powerful and thought-provoking pieces of art over the years thanks to its raw and graphic depictions of humans and animals. There’s some fantastic art by several esteemed artists such as Victoria Reynolds and Rigoberto A. Gonzalez. You can find the exhibition at the Guildhall Art Gallery, a short bus ride away from our centrally located London boutique hotels.

Hannah Black

Whilst the previous three exhibitions focus on concrete subjects and items, this interesting display from Manchester-born, New York-based artist Hannah Black focuses on the abstract subject of ‘the situation.’ Black explores this subject with a range of objects and materials based on conversations she’s had with her friends about the topic, and this unique exhibition can be found at the Chisenhale Gallery near Hackney.