8 Uber Alternatives to Use in the City


Remember those days of flailing your arm through the London drizzle to hail a cab? Nowadays, there are heaps of ride-hailing apps in the city which make the business of nabbing a cab much easier!

Perks of using app-based taxi services means that you know who is driving you and you know exactly what you will be paying before you book and leave the comfortable lobby of the Montcalm Hotel. If you leave something behind, you can either contact the driver directly or use the support services via by the operator’s app itself. Download some of the free apps below for the best way to travel back to your luxury accommodation in London.

1) Addison Lee 

Addison Lee is the UK’s largest minicab service and they have a nifty app for hailing or pre-booking a ride. You can book your cab up to three months in advance and with Addison Lee, and there is no surge pricing even at peak times. They pride themselves on only operating cars aged three years or younger. Their drivers are thoroughly trained in city driving skills, navigation and customer service. Every vehicle is fitted with 4G Wi-Fi and a complimentary phone charger – perfect for business travellers who are sneaking in a sly trip to the Montcalm Spa between meetings! Addison Lee accepts payment via cash, card, PayPal or Addison Lee Priority Account.

2) Bolt

Formerly Taxify, Bolt relaunched in London summer ’19 and is gaining momentum in London with its offer of speedy service and low rates. They charge lower commission fees to their drivers, which results in cheaper prices for riders. Rides start with a £2.50 base fee, then it’s £1.25 per mile and £0.15 per minute. In certain countries, Bolt offers food delivery so watch this space for Bolt Food London – before you know it, you will be able to order-in at your London hotel. You can pay by cash or card.

3) FreeNow 

Free Now claim themselves to be Europe’s number 1 taxi app. Formerly operating as MyTaxi, the brand absorbed the UK taxi-hailing app Hailo back in 2016. The service connects passengers with only licensed taxi drivers and they have a large fleet of black cabs on their books. So if you want to support the longstanding cabbies in town but sticking your arm out is getting you nowhere, make sure you download this app.

Black cab is surely the classiest way to travel to and from the luxurious spa hotels in London! Unlike some apps, Free Now does not surge prices during peak times and you can pay by cash, card or Paypal.

4) Gett 

Israeli startup Gett is now active in 120 cities across four countries. Gett always charges flat prices; there are no surges at peak times. For London airport transfers, passengers receive 15 minutes of free waiting time. You can pre-book a Gett taxi from one hour up to two weeks in advance. All Gett drivers undergo CRB and medical checks and the company only work with licensed black cabs and Hackney carriages. You can pay by cash or card, and have the option to tip your driver.

5) Kabbee

Thrifty travellers should download Kabbee pronto for the cheapest cabs in town. You can use the cash you’ll save for a treatment at the Montcalm Spa!

Kabbee brand themselves as offering ‘surprisingly cheap’ rides which include their airport transfers. Plus, you get 30 minutes of free waiting time in case your flight is delayed or you want to make a cheeky detour via duty-free. Kabbee pools cars from more than 70 providers and gives users access to over 10,000 London cabs. All drivers are licensed and minicab fleets with poor ratings are disconnected from the service. You can pay by cash, card or Kabbee account.

6) ViaVan 

Think of ViaVan as a bus that’s smart enough to come when you want it and where you want it. With a focus on environmentally-friendly principles, ViaVan is an on-demand ride-share service. Your fare will be based on how far you go, when you ride, and the number of +1s in your party. All drivers undergo a criminal background check before driving on the ViaVan platform and must be an experienced driver. So far ViaVan only operates in London, Amsterdam, Berlin and Milton Keynes. They offer a 24/7 service through Zones 1-5, so whatever time of day or night you’re heading back to your lodgings at the Montcalm Hotel you’ll be able to hitch a ride and make some new buddies along the way! You can pay by purchasing ride credits in your account, or by card.

7) Wheely 

Wheely provide luxury cars driven by professional chauffeurs. All drivers must undertake stringent training and ace multiple tests to be employed by Wheely. You’ll be greeted by a smartly dressed chauffeur who will be ready to greet you with an umbrella if you get caught in a shower.

Airport transfers come with 30 minutes of free waiting time and a meet and greet service. This premium ride-hailing service is perfect for those staying in luxury accommodation in London. You can pay via card.

8) xooox 

If you’re anti-algorithms, check out the new kid on the block — xooox (pronounced ‘zooks’). xooox launched in May and has taken off in London. Users can compare prices and times from different taxi firms, by using their dynamic pricing model. The app lists real-time pricing and ETA(s), and you can use the filter to prioritise the cheapest price or nearest driver. When ready, you pick your driver. xooox has been built on ethical values – drivers do not pay any commission to xoox and fleet operators are not put in jeopardy as they remain in complete control of their businesses. Environmentally conscious guests staying with us at Montcalm can choose to travel by electric car only with xooox!