All of This Belongs to You


Opening on the 1st of April at the Victoria and Albert this exhibition investigates what it means to be part of a national collective. As the country around you is swept up with electoral politics in the build up to the elections in May you can get yourself swept up in exploring the role of public institutions in modern life. ‘All of This Belongs to You’ is a very interesting exhibition taking place a short, and very pleasant, walk from the Montcalm Marble Arch.

Specially commissioned attractions are positioned around the museum, which explore the part that design and architecture has to play in defining our civil identity, security and democracy. There are four new installations on display, including work by Jorge Otero-Pailos and James Bridle, which respond to the museum and its vast collection of artefacts. Among the many artefacts of note on display are the hard drives the contained the documents leaked by Edward Snowden to The Guardian, which were subsequently destroyed by the UK Government.

An excellent way to experience the exhibit is to attend the launch event on March 31st. There will be drinks and music to accompany you as you explore the show. Talk to the architects, designers and artists that contributed to the show and gain a valuable insight into the significance of the pieces. Its first come first served so be sure to arrive early and get the most you can out of this fascinating exhibition.

If you can’t make the opening another excellent way to learn about public institutions and modern life is to come on a Friday. The show stays open late and leading voices from the world of design and architecture are brought in to engage in open debate on questions of civic life.

The exhibition runs until mid-July and explores many relevant issues in modern society. It is a wonderfully informative experience and well worth the visit while you’re staying in London. It’s only a short walk through the beautiful gardens of Hyde Park to reach the museum; a perfect way to stretch the legs after a long flight. Take the time if you can; you would regret missing this excellent exhibition.