The Best Cinemas for Date Night Close to the Montcalm London Marble Arch


Sometimes you don’t want the hustle of the city or the noise of eating out. Sometimes what you want is to grab the popcorn, sink into your seat and enjoy a date night at the movies.

And, happily, you’re in the ideal location to do just that from your Montcalm hotel London. Marble Arch has some fabulous cinemas in and around the area, offering a classic moviegoing experience with all the modern conveniences you need.

And, with that in mind, let’s jump in and find the perfect cinema for your date night.


Curzon Soho

Sometimes it’s tough when you look back at how cinemas used to be – plush, elegant and stylish– and then look at the generic multiplexes of today. It can leave you feeling like you’ve missed the golden age of cinema-going, but that doesn’t have to be the case.

Curzon Soho has ripped its style guide right from the fifties and sixties heyday of cinema, offering a classic experience in very nice surroundings and mixing its influences with a modern outlook. The focus of the cinema is about making going to the movies a fun, exciting experience – exactly the way it should be.

From the deco signage you first see onwards, seeing a movie at Curzon Soho feels special, and that’s what makes it perfect for date night. And you can get there in no time at from our various London boutique hotels.

Picturehouse Central

If you really want to take a step back in time, then Picturehouse Central may well be the place for you. It’ll take you less than 20-minutes to reach the cinema from your Montcalm Hotel London, and the trip is most definitely worth it.

Everything from the floors to the lighting to the ticket booths screams fifties elegance at Picturehouse Central, and that theme extends into the film-watching experience itself. The generous and plush seating available puts bum-numbing multiplex seats to shame, and you probably haven’t ever had leg room as you’ll experience at Picturehouse Central.

A visit to the Picturehouse feels very elegant and singular, like taking a step back into a richer, more elegant past – but one where you can see the latest releases and benefit from current technology. It’s a beautiful venue and something a little different to make your date night memorable.

The Lounge ODEON Cinema

It’s never good when you go to the movies for date night, and some rowdy teens in the back row destroy the experience. But that’s not something you need to worry about The Lounge.

The concept here is an 18+ only cinema that also provides excellent food on-site and a luxurious cinematic experience.

If you prize comfort and convenience above all else – and, after all, it’s date night, so you deserve a little pampering – The Lounge is the perfect spot. The seats are way beyond your usual cinema fare, more akin to first class plane seating.

For a luxuriant, high-class experience, you can do a lot worse than The Lounge ODEON.