Best Dog Walking Routes Near Paddington


Despite being a concrete jungle filled with gleaming skyscrapers and beautiful architecture, London still has a wealth of green spots where you can take your four-legged friends for a relaxing walk. Who wants to tread on hard pavement and be kept on a leash every time they leave the house? Dogs love to the chance to sprint after their toys and feel the grass beneath their feet, so if you’re meeting your partner for a relaxing dog walk near Paddington make sure to check out these brilliant routes.

Battersea Park

Battersea Park london

Located south of Paddington on the other side of the Thames, Battersea Park makes for a superb place to walk your dog near our Marble Arch hotel. Spanning 200 acres of green beauty including shimmering lakes and marvellous woodland areas, it’s easy to see why Battersea Park is a favorite amongst dog-walking Londoners looking to escape the urban arena for a while. A terrier figurine can be found in the park’s woodland which is a testament to the memory of dogs used in research experiments at the turn of the last century, something which understandably caused outrage amongst the public.

Hampstead Heath

Hampstead Heath

Another fantastic choice for dog walking enthusiasts staying in one of our hotels near London is Hampstead Heath. Situated slightly further afield from our Marble Arch hotel than Battersea Park, Hampstead Heath is nevertheless still reachable via a short 15-minute car journey, with multiple car parks available once you reach the park. Hampstead Heath is home to a 100-meter high hill which offers one of the most stunning views in London. The entire space spans a huge 790 acres, giving your dog plenty of room to stretch his legs.

What’s more, this brilliant park also has a swimming pond dedicated to dogs in case your four-legged friend fancies a dip. As with Battersea, there are woodlands to trek through and an array of over 50 historical monuments and features to check out during your walk.

Holland Park

Holland Park

Located in the Royal Borough of Kensington, this small yet scenic park surrounds the ruins of the Jacobean mansion that is Holland House. Holland Park spans 54 acres, with the northern half of the park being semi-wild woodland your dog will love exploring. The area closer to the center is more cultured and has several garden areas ideal for a leisurely stroll or a stop at the park’s café.

Hyde Park

Hyde park

Your dog will love visiting London’s most famous and often busiest park which forms a rectangular green oasis in the center of the city. This beautiful park is home to a huge variety of attractions including the shimmering Serpentine Lake, the Princess Diana Memorial Playground, Speaker’s Corner and an array of monuments and statues that date back years. Hyde Park is the largest park near our Marble Arch hotel, covering 350 hectares, and is enjoyed by millions of Londoners every year who want to the experience the beauty of nature without leaving the city center.