The Best Places for Spoiling Dad on Father’s Day


Fathers only get that one special day a year – well, they get a birthday as well, but everyone gets one of those – when the whole world focuses on them, and you get to tell them how special they are. Granted, you might have one of those dads who likes to remind you daily how great they are, but on Father’s Day you get to show them just how much you think of them.

So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best ways to spoil your dad this Father’s Day in London.


Zip Now London

If your father is the dare-devil type, or you just want to see his face as descends on a zip line at 50kph, Zip Now London is the perfect Father’s Day activity.

Offering amazing views of the city from the zip wire vantage platform, the Archbishop’s Park location is only 30-minutes on the Tube from your Montcalm Hotel. The ride offers a great, unique way to see some of the most famous sights of London, and it’s awesome fun.

If you feel extra generous, you could also book him a Montcalm hotel spa treatment to relax after the 225-metre zip wire.

Thames Rockets Speedboat Tour

What could be better than seeing London from the Thames? Seeing it at ridiculous speeds, propelled in a speedboat, that’s what.

The Thames Rockets Speedboat Tour is hugely popular and for good reason. It’s an amazing way to see the capital and get a big adrenaline rush, all rolled into one. There are a range of options on offer, including the ‘Thames Lates’ experience, where your father can see London from the water as the sun sets, probably screaming in delight.

Boats leave from the London Eye and Tower Bridge, with the latter only 30-minutes from your Montcalm Hotel.

When you get back and have dried off, make a reservation for a calming dinner at the Montcalm Marble Arch Restaurant.

Bars in london

Bradley’s Spanish Bar

Bradley’s Spanish Bar is, first and foremost, a great pub. Secondly, its décor and atmosphere is very dad-friendly. It’s your classic English pub, with lots of good ale on tap, no pretensions and a healthy strain of – as the name might suggest – Spanish influence running through it.

It’s the perfect place to retire to after a day of zip lining or speedboating, and the vibe is very laid-back and welcoming. So, get in some drinks and be ready to hear all about your father’s adventures. It’s about ten minutes via Tube from your Montcalm Hotel room and well worth checking out.

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

If your dad is one of those classic fathers who loves nothing more than tending his allotment and wandering about in the garden, the Royal Botanic Gardens could very well be his mecca.

The huge site covers every kind of pond-scape, woodland, planned, ornate garden and horticultural display your dad could ever hope to see. There’s a huge area to explore so it’s the perfect venue for a Father’s Day Picnic, or you could spend the day exploring then retire to the Montcalm Marble Arch Restaurant for some well-deserved dinner.

Whatever your choice of gift, London is a beautiful place to spend Father’s Day and there is no shortage of things to do or see.