Best Spots To Propose In London

Best Spots To Propose In London

With Valentine’s Day coming up, many London locals and guests at the Montcalm Marble Arch may be thinking of extra special ways to show their love for their other half. The city is indeed one of the most romantic in Europe and sees many people visit the 1500 square kilometre English capital for weddings, dates and as this blog will show – proposals. 

Whilst marriage isn’t the be all and end all of every relationship, London is still one of the best places in the world to show your other half that you want to spend the rest of your life with them. London combines the best of outdoor activities, artistic events and entertainment, making it a great place for all tastes. There are indeed many stellar spots and events that are perfect for your proposal, whoever it may be to. Guests at Montcalm hotels will find that the melding of professional Montcalm care protocols and luxurious service will give you peace of mind during your stay in post-pandemic London, leaving you plenty of headspace to plan the perfect proposal. 

This blog will outline some of the best places in London to stage a proposal, helping you turn your London getaway deal into a holiday that neither of you will ever forget. 

Love With A View

If you’ve visited London before, then you’ll know that the city is one brimming with beautiful skylines. The city is home to hundreds of viewpoints, some in the centre of the city and some in tranquil secret spots. All of them though, would make great proposal spots, whether low key or lavish. Here are some of our favourites. 

London Eye

London Eye

For the first time Londoner, you could make a show of your proposal and utilise the half hour ride on the London Eye to really profess your love. If you want something a little more intimate and away from prying eyes, then you can rent one of the 32 pods for yourself and enjoy the views of Big Ben, the Thames and up to 40 kilometres of London skyline in every direction. 

Greenwich Observatory

Situated in Southeast London, the historic Greenwich Park is home to the Royal Maritime Museum, the Greenwich Observatory and the famous Greenwich Meridian, the geographical line from which seafaring navigation and clock setting were measured from. Why not also utilise it as a map to the heart, using the observatory hill, what with its beautiful views over Canary Wharf as a 0 hour for your relationship’s next stage.  

Sky Garden

This tranquil rockery, bar, garden and restaurant atop number 20 Fenchurch Street is free to visit for half hour periods and offers beautiful views over the inner city of London from its observation deck. With music events and cocktails to enjoy from the 43rd floor of the Walkie Talkie building, this could be a majestic place to propose. 

Primrose Hill

Primrose Hill is another example of stunning London skylines, this time not from the urban centre but from one of the city’s most regal parks. Regents Park in Northwest London is easy to reach if you’re on a London overnight trip with little time to spare, thanks to its Bakerloo, Northern, Victoria and Metropolitan Line stations around its circumference. Primrose Hill is close to many other hidden gems, including the flower gardens of Regent’s Park to the south, the Regent’s Park Open air Theatre and the much loved London Zoo.

Parliament Hill

Parliament Hill

Stand at the point that Guy Fawkes would have surveyed the explosion of the Houses of Parliament if he were successful on that fateful November 5th. Replace his destructive energy with loving energy with a proposal because this beautiful viewpoint in Hampstead Heath offers views over a wide expanse of the London skyline, and on a sunny day, could prove to be a great proposal spot.

The Shard

For the luxurious and lavish proposal, there’s nothing quite like sampling the Asian fusion, British cuisine and heady cocktails 30 plus floors in the air at the Shard, London Bridge’s most iconic skyscraper. This beautiful building is the tallest in the UK and one of the tallest in Europe, providing stunning panoramas over the West and South of the city.

Green Spaces 

Whilst some green spaces have already been mentioned as top tier proposal spots, there are a range of ground level secret gardens and well known parks that can act as beautiful settings when popping the big question. 

Hyde Park And Kensington Gardens

Hyde Park And Kensington Gardens

Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens are big enough that even on a busy day, you’ll be able to find a quiet spot amidst the Peter Pan statues, swan boat lakes and terraced ponds for your proposal. This park duo is steeped in romance and history, making it the quintessential London park for proposals.

St Dunstan In The East

Hidden between the hustle and bustle of London Bridge and the Tower of London are the ruins of this beautiful church dating back to the 12th century, and one that still stands today despite having been destroyed during the Great Fire of London and the Blitz in World War II. St Dunstan In The East may now be hollowed out and replaced with a serene green space, but the fact that it’s structure still stands is the perfect metaphor for your strong relationship. Furthermore, this park, located in such a high traffic area, is a welcome respite from the city’s comings and goings just outside its walls. 

Kyoto Garden

Kyoto Garden is situated in Holland Park and is symbolic of the relationship between Japan and England. The garden’s tiered waterfall and rockeries are subtle, serene and certainly very romantic, making any proposal here sweeter than the maple from the surrounding trees. 

Richmond Park

The vast swathes of what were once royal hunting grounds provide a grand backdrop for any proposal. The colourful intimacy of Isabella Plantation, situated in a rewilded marsh within the royal park is a perfect place to pop the question, if you don’t mind getting your knee a little muddy. On top of this, the beautiful woodlands, nearby Thames River and ancient town of Richmond make for the perfect date for after they say yes.