The Biggest Gigs in London’s History

The Biggest Gigs in London’s History

London and its many famous venues have hosted some of the greatest musicians, bands and artists in history. The timeline of London’s music scene is packed full of epic performances that will forever remain in the music history books.

The Biggest Gigs in London’s History

Music lovers that have travelled to the city over the last 50 years will be familiar with some of the iconic gigs that have taken place. This guide will take fans on a trip through time and highlight some of the greatest performances that have taken place in London. From reggae to rock, this musical history lesson will paint a picture of the city’s rich cultural and artistic past, and it’s all within reach from the Montcalm Hotel Marble Arch.

Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix - Vintage guitar

Known as one of the greatest guitarists of all time, Jimi Hendrix put on some of the best and most iconic shows in the history of musical performance. There have been a number of memorable London appearances from the guitar-shredding legend, but one that will forever be remembered is his very first UK performance at Scotch of St James in 1966. The exclusive club was a hotspot for famous faces and was a regular hangout for huge names like The Rolling Stones, The Beatles and Stevie Wonder. This was the gig that kick started Hendrix’s career and took him from being an unknown backing guitarist to a global sensation.

Pink Floyd

In 1967 the UFO Club hosted one of the most prolific bands in the history of music. The British prog-rock group has been responsible for some of the biggest-selling albums in the world and made their name with epic melodies and unique lyrics. Back when their original front-man Syd Barret was still part of the band they put on a show that has gone down in history as one of their best ever. The group’s homemade light demonstrations and experimental music is what gave birth to the British psychedelic movement. The iconic UFO Club is located not too far from the Montcalm Hotel Marble Arch and has hosted a variety of big names.

The Beatles

This is a band that needs no introduction. The fab four are arguably the biggest band in the history of modern music and have sold billions of albums worldwide. After a 5 year separation the four lads from Liverpool reunited in 1969 for a surprise gig on the roof of their Apple Corps building on Savile Row. This was unknowingly the last time that the band would play together as a whole but was an epic send off. Those lucky enough to have witnessed the historic gig were able to listen to about five songs before the group were forced to cut the show short by local police. This legendary display of rock and roll will forever be remembered in the history books of music.

Bob Marley

The Lyceum Theatre in 1975 is where the introduction of reggae into mainstream music took place. When Bob Marley and his band got on stage there was a sense of unity that everyone in the room could feel. The iconic musician, Rastafarian and philosophical commentator was famous for the strong messages that he spread with his music. The gig in 1975 is known as one of the best performances that the band ever put on, despite it being one of their earliest.