Classes & Courses In London To Learn Something New This Year

Classes & Courses In London

There’s no arguing the fact that London is one of the educational hubs of the world. With renowned universities and colleges like the London School of Economics and University of London, as well as the world-famous Oxford and Cambridge less than an hour away, it’s little wonder that so many people flock to this city when they want to soak up knowledge.

Of course, you don’t have to be the next Albert Einstein to make the most of London’s educational offerings. There are hundreds of classes and courses taking place throughout the capital, on everything from calligraphy and yoga to butchery classes and bike-building. For guests at Montcalm Hotel Marble Arch who want to broaden their horizons and learn a new skill, here are some of the best classes & courses in London.

Ginger Pig Butchery Classes

8-10 Moxon Street, London, W1U 4EW

Butchery Classes

At the trendy Marylebone brand of the Ginger Pig butcher and artisan food shop, you can take a very unique class that’s strictly not for vegetarians. This butchery class teaches you everything you need to know about buying, preparing, cooking, cutting and serving your favourite meats. You’ll learn the best cuts to buy for certain dishes, you’ll discover how to separate meat from the bone, and you’ll even get to sample the meat you carve up with a glass of wine afterwards. Best of all, Ginger Pig is easily accessible from our luxurious London accommodation. In fact, our guests can walk there and back in just a matter of minutes.

Bamboo Bike Building Workshops

Autumn Road Studios, London, E3 2TT


Cycling is big business in London, as more people shun crowded public transport to get around on two wheels. In this wonderful workshop, you’ll learn how to build a bamboo-framed bicycle all of your own, with help from a team of bike experts on hand to ensure your creation is safe and sturdy enough to ride home on. A maximum of four people are allowed in each workshop, and you’ll need to book in advanced to secure a slot. This is a two-day course, to be sure to book London accommodation for an overnight stay.

British Sign Language (BSL)

Various locations across London

British Sign Language Alphabet
The British Sign Language Alphabets

City Lit offers a number of excellent courses to help total beginners become proficient in British Sign Language. This eleven-week course helps you to develop the skills necessary to gain a Level 1 BSL qualification, which is accredited by Signature. You’ll learn communication skills across basic topic areas such as meeting people, using numbers, interests, activities and asking for directions. You can take the course just for fun, or arrange to take an exam on the conclusion of the teaching – if you pass, you’ll be eligible to make the step up to Level 2.


The Village Haberdashery, West Hampstead Square, London, NW6 2BR

Calligraphy Sheet
The Calligraphy sheets, nibs, paper, ink and pens on a kraft background. Lettering calligraphy workshop. Letters of the English alphabet written with a paint brush.

This watercolour brush lettering workshop is for total beginners, and includes all the materials you’ll need to get started. With illustrator Emma Block at the helm, you’ll learn how to paint gorgeous watercolour lettering in a range of different styles, perfect for creating greeting cards, place settings or other special stationery.