Four Fantastic Festivals in May


Spring is here and you know what that means? Festival season! May is packed with exciting festivals full of incredible food, interesting crafts, shows, music, and many more fun ways to spend a day. It is a fantastic way to get out in the glorious sunshine and enjoy the warm months while they last. Rid yourself the memory of the dark days of winter and embrace the sun and warmth by spending your weekends at one of the many excellent festivals happening around London this month. A few of the best are listed below to give you an idea of where to go; so come in to London, book yourself into a luxury hotel, and get ready for an incredible time.

Festival Asia

This brand new festival shows a lot of potential and it looks to be a highly entertaining weekend.Festival Asia promises to deliver a true taste of Asia; the many interesting stalls will be showcasing music, dance, food, fashion and martial arts from more than 25 countries. It looks like an amazing time for all and a fantastic opportunity to learn more about the many different Asian countries that will be represented; so be sure to head out to Tobacco Docks on the weekend starting Friday May 15th and have an exquisite time.

Imperial Festival

Moving away from the more typical food and sunshine style of festivals is the Imperial Festival run by the Imperial College London. The college is putting on a very interesting two day festival to showcase the incredible work their research departments have been doing. If you have an interest in all things science or science fiction then you are guaranteed an excellent weekend of learning. There will be robots, brains, superbugs, installations, a flight simulator, and an exhibition onX-Ray vision and cutting edge medical imaging technology. It promises to be a genuinely fascinating show with talks and activities and scientists to quiz on their work; so be sure to head out to the Imperial College in Knightsbridge on Saturday the 9th or Sunday the 10th and visit the future.

London Craft Week

Another unusual style of festival is the week long London Craft Festival starting May 6th. In various nooks and crannies around London this exciting festival will celebrate craftsmanship in all its many forms. Well known Galleries and specialist workshops in the area around Mayfair and Bloomsbury will showcase everything from ancient skills to new talent.If you have an interest in art or the intricacies of design this festival is a must.

Notting Hill Mayfest

The Notting Hill Mayfest is a month long arts festival bringing you incredible displays from every medium you can think of. There will be shows such as an amazing organ accompanied silent film, Sitar shows, Opera, Jazz, and plenty of free performances by young up and coming bands. If you want to enjoy spirited music, dance, art, food and wine; be sure to head to Notting Hill this May. The performances are all happening just a short walk from the luxury hotels in Marble Arch and promise to provide rich and fulfilling entertainment; well worth checking out.