Free Fun in London


Spending time in London is incredible, but unfortunately it is quite often expensive. Travel, drinks, even food, are all well above the European and American average.If you are low on money you may start to think that your only option for entertainment is Netflix and maybe a couple of cans from the nearest offie. Fun though this can be, you do have a lot more options available to you that you may have overlooked. Here are just a couple of the great ways you can entertain yourself around London, entirely free.

British Museum

Britain’s long span of empire has resulted built up a vast collection of treasures from all across the world. Some of the most magical and mystical things you can see are on display, entirely for free, in the glorious British Museum in Fitzrovia. Hop off the tube at Holborn, just a quick ride along the Central Line from Marble Arch, and you’re there.

Spitalfields City Farm

Spending the day on a farm while still in the middle of the city is a pretty special experience. The brief escape from the traffic and noise and pollution that it grants can really rejuvenate the soul. The opportunity to pat a goat on the head is of course anadded bonus.Spitalfields City Farm is delightfully free, but if you find a few extra quid in your purse you may want to splurge on a slice of one of their phenomenal cakes.

Catch the Sun in Regents Park

London sun is like a unicorn: rare, beautiful, and popular with women.The sunlight should be wholeheartedly embraced when it shows its lovely face and the best thing about it all, it is completely free. Get your lightest outfit together, grab a picnic rug, and go lie back in one of London’s many incredible parks. Regent’s Park is the perfect option with nearby food to keep you satiated and beautiful floral gardens to wander through if you get bored of lying still on the ground.

Tate Modern

The huge imposing Entrance of the Tate Modern is the perfect thing to prepare you for the glorious art within. The Tate Modern boasts seven stories of contemporary art dating from 1900 to today. You can find some of the most famous artists in the world on display in this huge old power station all for free, with the exception of some temporary exhibitions. The Tate Modern may be one of the finest, but it is by no means the only incredible museum in London that’s available free of charge; if you love art, you can easily spend a week busy in galleries without paying a cent.

Views at Hampstead

Another park that makes life in London worthwhile is the beautiful and huge Hampstead Heath. A short bus or tube ride will bring you to these verdant hills in the north of London. From these amazing hummocks you get unparalleled views of London in all its sprawling beauty. Some beautiful flower gardens and swimming dams make it the perfect place for a free day in London.