Getting ready for spring 2018 – new fashion trends to watch out for

fashion clothes

As we enter spring, the warm new weather will bring with it a whole new range of fashion styles. This season is when fashion lovers say goodbye to big coats and start sporting lighter and more colourful clothing.

During your stay at Hotel Montcalm London, you’ll get plenty of chances to expand your wardrobe and change your style thanks to all of the shops and boutiques located close to our luxury accommodation London. Here are some of the hot new trends to look out for.

MOD fashion

The 80s

The decade of big hair and even bigger shoulder pads is making a comeback this spring as fashion enthusiasts look to reinvent 80s style. Vintage has been a growing trend over the last few years but spring 2018 will focus specifically on the fashion of the 80s. That means we’ll see a lot more baggy jeans, long boots and PVC jackets. If you’re looking to keep it casual in the day, look for classic sports jackets and comfy blue jeans. When night falls, you’ll have to go big or go home with bright and flared dresses.

Casual footwear

casual footwear

Trainers- or sneakers for any American visitors- will be making a big impact this spring. From vintage Adidas to colourful high-tops, it’s all about being unique and adding colour to the bottom half of your outfit. Also, trainers are no longer just for playing sports or wearing casually. This spring we will see more fashion enthusiasts experiment with different styles, colours and fabrics. If you’re hoping to keep up with the latest trends, take a trip to one of the vintage markets near the Hotel Montcalm London to find some classic footwear.

Trench coats

Even though the sun will be making more appearances over the next few months, the wind can still create a bit of chill which is why we’ll begin to see more trench coats on the streets. Keep it simple with beige and cream or go bold with bright yellows if you’re looking to make a statement. The great thing about trench coats is that they can work with any style or outfit. Whether you’re on your way to a fancy event in a glistening ball gown or you’re heading to work in your favourite pair of jeans, a trench coat will keep you look good and feeling warm.

fashion belts

Belt bags

This season will see fashionistas ditch clutch bags and classic handbags for something a little more casual. Belt bags and bum bags are the latest trends which will hit the fashion scene this spring. Whether you’re trying to finish off your casual look or you need something a little more professional for your work outfit, there are plenty of styles and materials available from some top names like Gucci. Wear them around your waist or throw them over your shoulder if you really want to stand out from the crowd.