Your Guide to Merchant Square – Where to Shop & What to Do


One of the best things about London is that it never fails to surprise. No matter how thoroughly you know an area, there’s always some secret side street or square that’s hidden away, just waiting for discovery.

And that’s exactly the case with Paddington’s Merchant Square, which offers fantastic surroundings in which to relax, as well as nearby boutiques that cater to some of London hippest residents. And, best of all, Merchant Square is just a quick journey on foot from Montcalm Marble Arch.


Where to Shop

Nestled in the heart of Paddington, Merchant Square is a hidden gem that offers a range of places to grab a coffee and take in the Paddington Basin – which leads to what many people refer to as ‘Little Venice’.

But besides this, there are also some great, small boutiques and stores offering on-trend clothing and even antiques. The first stop you make should be at the very chic – and popular with celebrities- Kindare. Kate Hudson and Princess Beatrice are just a couple of the celebs sighted at the store, and it’s not surprising because Kindare offers luxury clothing from the likes of Vivienne Westwood and Versace. It’s a small, unassuming-looking place, but it’s one boutique you won’t want to miss. Merchant Square is easy to reach from Montcalm’s luxury accommodation London, and you won’t have far to go if you do overindulge and end up with armfuls of shopping.

From there, it’s worth taking the time to dip into Alfie’s Antique Market, because the large premises is home to two businesses – one dealing in antiques and the other selling an amazing selection of authentic vintage clothing. First up is Alfie’s Antiques which covers 35,000 square feet and five floors, with more antiques and retro goods than you can cover in a day. The other business on-site is The Girl Can’t Help it, which sells a massive – and we mean massive – range of clothing from the thirties, forties and fifties. You can also find genuine vintage accessories like sunglasses, handbags and more on-site, and it’s the place to go if you’ve got a liking for retro style.

What to Do

Aside from the shopping, Merchant Square also offers the opportunity to get out and explore London’s waterways, via the on-site GoBoat boat hire service.

You can rent a boat for up to eight people and, perhaps, best of all; you’re in control of the journey. Proceeding towards Little Venice – which is a gorgeous area in its own right – you can plot a course to either Camden or the lovely Kensal Green.

Each GoBoat has a table on-board, so if you stock up with some tasty food and drinks before heading out, you can enjoy a delightful dinner on the river. And, at journey’s end, you’re still only a quick hop from Montcalm Marble Arch.

Getting out on the water is a fabulous way to experience London from a different perspective, and GoBoat at Merchant Square makes it simple to do just that.