How to dress for the airport


Getting ready for a flight? You’ve probably spent hours labouring over what to pack in your suitcase and hand luggage and made sure you’ve got all your vital travel documents handy.

But if there’s one thing you are likely to think about at the last minute, it’s what to wear at the airport and on the plane itself.

After all, you want to be comfortable, but you want to be well turned out and suitably dressed for the climate in your destination.

That’s not easy, so we thought we’d try to put together a cheat sheet for plane travellers who are struggling with what to wear.

Don’t wear anything too tight

If you are on a plane for a few hours, tight clothing will feel restrictive and uncomfortable. You might even get sweaty in the artificially air conditioned environment. So make sure your clothes are reasonably loose fitting.

Stay clear of heels

Heels might be flattering, but they won’t be comfortable while you are being processed in airport security or lining up at the boarding gate. So pack some sensible flats if you don’t want to risk having sore feet the moment you arrive at your destination.

Pack clothes you can wear more than once

A good way to keep the amount of holiday luggage down to a minimum is to pack items that you can wear on several different days. Use the same philosophy when it comes to picking your airport attire. Even if you don’t want to wear your chosen outfit on holiday, it could be ideal to wear again on the return trip.


Wear thin layers

When you’re hanging around in a busy airport, it can get quite hot and stuffy. By contrast, it can be quite chilly on a plane, so how can you pick the right outfit to suit both conditions? The answer lies in wearing several thin layers, so you can wrap up when necessary and easily discard the extra layers and put them away when the temperatures rise.

Pick sensible fabrics

You don’t want to wear clothes that crease easily if you might be keeping extra layers in your bag or hoping to wear them later on in your trip. So consider what type of fabric they are made of when it comes to choosing the right outfit.

Cotton is always a safe bet, as is a silk and polyester mix, as they give your skin plenty of room to breathe and any creases can disappear fairly easily. They can also give you a casual, stylish and relaxed look, which is not bad thing in any situation.

Wear a colour coordinated outfit

The colours you choose are crucial to the success of any outfit, so why not make sure you can’t fail by going for fairly simple and classic combinations, such as black, white and grey? They are flattering and work in different environments.

Wear boots

Slip-on boots are a great type of footwear as they are so versatile. They smarten you up and can hide a multitude of footwear sins, such as comfy but maybe not so stylish socks. Wearing them on the plane has the added bonus of meaning one of the heaviest items you are likely to take with you on holiday won’t actually be in your suitcase, so you can use your weight allowance for something else.