How to stay healthy on your travels


When constantly travelling around, one of the hardest things to do is keeping on top of your eating habits.

As soon as the plane touches the tarmac and you venture into a new city, the first thing you want to do is taste the local cuisine. Whether this is a hearty bratwurst, a portion of British fish and chips or some tapas, getting acclimatised and immersed in your destination’s culture is a main priority.

There is then the sightseeing. Being constantly on your feet throughout the day you will no doubt be working up an appetite. You can get into a habit of grabbing a bit of fast food to get you through the day and then opting for a heavy meal when it comes to nighttime. However, you can go travelling across the world and still remain healthy.

It is all about planning and a few simple steps can ensure that you are getting all your daily vitamins and minerals despite being thousands of miles from your home. It is also pretty simple and could even save you a bit of money along the way. Fear not, however, there is always time to have that evening meal as a treat, you are on your holidays, after all.

When it comes to your stay in one of the many luxury suites in London, it can be tempting to keep ordering room service, but there is a better way to enjoy your break in a healthier manner. Here are our tips to staying trim while on your break.

Keep hydrated

Whether you are about to step on a long-haul flight or embarking on a whistle-stop tour of a major city, water is an absolute vital component. If you are heading to London, unless it is the height of summer, it is unlikely to be scorching hot, but this does not mean you should neglect your hydration.

Pick up a bottle of water from a local shop, even two-litre bottles can be purchased for virtually pennies, and take it with you on your travels. This will mean that you not only have hydration on hand, but it also means you don’t feel the need to sit down at a cafe or bar for a quick drink.

Shop local

When you arrive in a new city have a look around to find the nearest supermarket or grocery store. Even if you are only staying for a couple of days, you can stock up on some healthy treats and keep them in your hotel room. Many hotels will have fridges already set up in the room to house the mini bar so simply keep your food in here, be careful though as some mini bars can charge if something is moved.

Sometimes it can be difficult in getting a healthy meal when you are rushing around a major city so if you have a few goodies in your room it will make all the difference. Fill the fridge with fruit, hummus, yoghurts and turkey to ensure you have a little snack before heading out for your day of adventure.

Snack on the go

Since you have stocked your fridge up with goodies for your trip, you have no excuse to get snacking on the go. Having a tub of carrot sticks or celery along with various fruits and nuts will help you to avoid the temptation of nipping into a fast food joint for a burger or bag of chips. This will also be kind on your wallet as well.

Healthy Stay

A real benefit of this is that you will have only lightly snacked during the day so when it comes to the evening you are ready to enjoy a proper meal at one of the many restaurants available to you. Alongside the fruit, vegetables and nuts you can also stick some granola or protein bars in your backpack as a little sweet treat along the way.

Plan your meals

At the end of a long day either travelling or trying to cram in as many sights you can, you will no doubt be craving a filling meal. Since if you have been snacking on healthy treats, you will be ready to have a wholesome meal but at the same time you want to keep up that healthy vibe. This is why it is important to plan.

Before starting each day look at what restaurants you can visit on the evening. Look up the menu and decide there and then what you will want to eat. This is beneficial in two ways. Firstly it makes you look forward to said dinner but also means you will not be tempted to a less healthier option when it comes to sitting down.

Also, you won’t be surprised by the list of options that comes when you look up the menu at the restaurant. A healthy evening meal will also keep you energised for the next day.