Interesting Galleries to Visit in Mayfair


The wealthy district of Mayfair is an art enthusiast’s dream. There are a host of galleries to visit during your stay, but which ones should go to the top of the list? Chances are you won’t have time to visit all of the galleries that Mayfair has to offer during your stay with us, making choosing the most interesting gallery imperative. We’ve rounded up our favourites here for your consideration.



Got a passion for ancient art? If so, the first stop on your Mayfair gallery tour should surely be Eskenazi, which is located a very short walk away from the Montcalm hotel London. This amazing six-floor institution is home to a wonderful collection of art through the ages, with two of its floors dedicated solely to ancient Chinese history. Previous exhibitions have showcased spectacular works of art from the Ming and Qing dynasties and famous artist Lui Dan. Renowned worldwide as one of the very best galleries for Chinese art, Eskenazi is an absolute must if you’re fascinated by the Orient.

Chris Beetles Gallery

If you’re on the hunt for some of the best art Britain’s artists have to offer, then put a visit to Chris Beetles Ltd. in Mayfair on your itinerary. Specialising in traditional British watercolour, illustration, cartoons, oil painting and sculpture, Chris Beetles has built a reputation for being one of the best places in London for quintessential English art.

Another fantastic bonus of visiting Chris Beetle’s is its accessibility to art enthusiasts of all budgets looking to pick up a masterpiece. The gallery sells original artwork at prices ranging from £100 to £250,000, making it a great choice for art lovers looking to add to their collection without spending a fortune. Chris Beetles can be found at 8-10 Ryder street near Green Park, making our Mayfair hotels London a great choice of accommodation for travellers looking to visit the gallery.

Halcyon Gallery

No self-respecting art enthusiast would visit Mayfair without taking a trip to the famous Halcyon Gallery. You’ll find a vast collection of work from artists all over the world here, including pieces from America, Colombia, Spain, Italy Russia and the UK. Halcyon specialises in modern and contemporary art and is home to masterpieces from renowned artists including Santiago Montoya, Wu Ching Ju and our very own Bob Dylan. Our Mayfair hotels London are only a short throw away from Halcyon’s flagship Mayfair gallery, which is one of the largest gallery spaces in London with five storeys of beautiful space.

The Fleming Collection

The Fleming Collection is home to over 750 watercolours and portraits from exclusively Scottish artists dating as far back as 1770 right up to the present day. Amazing works by the likes of Wilkie, Raeburn and Ramsay can be found here along with stunning paintings of the highland environment Scotland is famed for. The Fleming Collection isn’t just focused on the past, however, and has become a living, constantly developing collection of incredible Scottish art over the years. It constantly acquires new art, with a particular emphasis on the works of young Scottish artists.