Keeping you Comfortable and Safe at The Montcalm

    We are Open Now - Keeping you comfortable & safe at The Montcalm

    Times, at present, may be complicated and challenging but London’s open for business and, we’re delighted to announce, so too are we at The Montcalm Marble Arch. That said, visiting the UK capital – whether for business or for leisure – is a different experience, right now, to how it usually is.

    Social distancing has to be observed, as does the wearing of face masks in some indoor environments, while a good number of the usual entertainments and venues are yet to reopen. Yet, there’s still much to enjoy in a city as vibrant, as cosmopolitan, as colourful, as hurly-burly and as aesthetically fascinating as London.

    After all, to stroll around the likes of Mayfair, Kensington, Bayswater, Paddington and Soho and to soak up their unique atmosphere is a large part of the appeal of coming to London, whatever the time of year and whatever the *year*. And, of course, all the big stores, boutiques and exclusive retail outlets of Knightsbridge, Piccadilly and Oxford Street are open and waiting for your custom.

    Our Responsibility – to You

    Again, though, the onus is on everybody in the city to be mindful, sensible and safe as they move about, go about their business, take in the sights and sounds and, indeed, check-in and stay in accommodation. And, of course, like at all 5-star hotels in London, at The Montcalm Marble Arch that onus starts and, in many ways, ends with us as hoteliers.

    For that reason, then, our first priority has been to put in place specific precautionary measures at every one of our Montcalm family of hotels to ensure that both our visiting guests and our team members are as safe as possible – while delivering for all guests and visitors that unmistakeable, unique Montcalm experience, for which we’re so renowned and of which we’re so proud.

    The Montcalm Hygiene Butler

    So, to be clear to all, we’ve given these special safety protocols a name, the Montcalm Hygiene Butler – to reflect the fact visitors can be secure in the knowledge their safety and experience is the top priority for everyone responsible for their fantastic stay at The Montcalm hotel. The Montcalm Hygiene Butler breaks down into three distinct categories:

    • On-site cleanliness strategy – the strategy behind us providing cleanliness at every Montcalm property is being deployed via both techniques and technology; guests can, of course, request details about what exactly is going on, in each and every facet of a Montcalm hotel, before, during and after their stay with us
    • Training – all team members working throughout the Montcalm Group have been and will continue to be trained, as and how necessary, in the protocols and best practices to achieve the safest possible environment for all guests, visitors and themselves
    • Hotel cleanliness hygiene standards – the standards to which all team members are working to achieve first-rate cleanliness and hygiene are delivered through reassuringly thorough and strictly adhered to guidelines and practices.

    Keeping You Safe – and Informed

    As noted, we feel it’s just as important to keep all our valued guests and visitors informed of what we’re doing differently (and what we’re not), as it is actually getting on with it and doing it. And that’s why, every step of the way, we’re also committed to giving you a Montcalm Covid-19 update.

    Keeping You Safe – and Informed


    This means all guests will be informed of the Montcalm Hygiene Butler and what it’s all about upon check-in, but they’ll also be informed of its ins and outs through other communications – including this very blog post. To that end, then, we want to be as open as possible when it comes to what guests and visitors can expect during their stay at The Montcalm Marble Arch at this unprecedented time…

    Guest/ Visitor Arrival

    On arrival at the hotel, guests and visitors can expect to have their temperatures checked by a team member, in order to be allowed entrance. Then, during a guest’s check-in in the lobby, they’ll be reminded to social-distance when outside their rooms and offered a bottle of water – their room won’t be equipped with a minibar as is normally the case and they’ll be advised to refer any service request they have to a member of the reception staff. Please note: no cash payments will be accepted during check-in or at any time in the hotel.

    Guest/ Visitor Arrival

    Both our doormen and bellboys will be wearing gloves at all times and will sanitise all luggage before it’s brought up to a guest’s room, while all guest areas will be regularly sanitised with hospital-level disinfectant (including lifts, the front desk and all common areas). Indeed, all guest contact areas in the hotel will be sanitised following every interaction that takes place between a guest/ visitor and staff member – as will, on a regular basis, high-touch areas throughout the property. Guests and visitors can also expect to find hand sanitisers located in different areas of the hotel; we ask you to use them, please.

    Guest Rooms


    First off, before they book a room, all guests can rest assured that the room – whichever room it is – will be fully disinfected before they check-in and occupy it for their stay. However, it ought to be noted that, for the sake of full cleanliness, none of the decorative items to be usually found in a guest room will be located there at the beginning of their stay – these include cushions, bed-throws, newspapers, magazines, irons and ironing boards, hairdryers and the guest directory (as mentioned, then, all guests are advised to contact the hotel reception for any services they wish during their stay). Additionally, all glassware in every room will be fully sterilised, daily – and, of course, personal protective equipment will be provided for all guests.

    Food and Beverage Services


    At present, due to our Montcalm precautionary measures, our restaurant and bar at The Montcalm Marble Arch are both closed – but we do plan on reopening them and, when we do, specific floor plans will be put in place so UK Government-designated guidelines on social-distancing are correctly met.

    In which case, all food and beverages are presently available to guests via in-room dining – breakfast being the prime example, which is served to guests’ rooms, while following all necessary safety protocols. Alternatively, for those who’d rather not dine in-room, breakfasts-on-the-go are also available.

    Spa and Gym Services

    De-Stress at Spa

    Unfortunately, owing to UK Government regulations, our Wellness Area (including the spa and gym and all associated services) are closed, until further notice. It ought to be added, though, that these regulations are subject to change, dependent on alterations made to regulations and guidelines – so, if you are planning to visit us in the future, our Wellness Services team can be contacted for any enquiries you might have (please email the team:

    Meetings and Events


    Like our guest rooms, from now on, our meeting rooms and event areas are also available to be booked. Visitors can be assured that, like all other common areas in the hotel, all meeting rooms and event spaces will be thoroughly sanitised on a daily basis, with high-touch points in them sanitised on an hourly basis.

    Additionally, all visitors will be required to have their temperatures checked, on arrival, and personal protective equipment and hand sanitisers will be supplied in these rooms and areas, while social-distancing guidelines will be promoted (especially via signage); we urge them to be adhered to by all guests and visitors.

    Note, too, that all third parties working in the hotel for events and meetings (for example, audio visual technicians, florists and entertainers) will be required to follow all the aforementioned safety standards and protocols and be temperature-checked on arrival, as set out in the Montcalm Hygiene Butler.

    Team Members

    Finally, should it not go without saying, all of our team members are trained and, therefore, mandated to carry out sanitising and cleaning protocols (again, per the Montcalm Hygiene Butler), as well as to follow social-distancing guidelines both in the hotel’s lobby and throughout the property.

    Indeed, for the safety of all guests, visitors and team members, every workstation and staff-shared area has been carefully arranged prior to our reopening to ensure social-distancing can take place and be maintained.

    And, of course, given the fact the pandemic itself and UK-wide and regional responses to it (including regulations and guidelines covering the hospitality sector) are under constant review, training of our team members will be continuous and ongoing – according to the Montcalm Hygiene Butler – to ensure the correct protocols are followed and the correct standards are adhered to at all times, for the safety of everyone staying in, visiting and working in our hotel.

    Once more, then, we’re delighted to share with you the great news that our doors at The Montcalm Marble Arch are open to all again. We hope we’ll be seeing you soon for a delightful, comfortable and safe stay with us in the heart of the capital.