London at its best for historical monuments

London historical and modern building

London has always been a part for a perfect destination for holidays. It has many major attractions for tourist. History is probably the main reason that people visit London; you would find some story in every streets and corner or at the tourist parts of London. There are over 100 of historical monuments and museum.

London Greenwich National Maritime MuseumHave you ever known about the historical artwork, the Wallace collection, It is a nation museum in the historic London town house where superb artwork I displayed. In the 19th century, the collection was acquired principally by Sir Richard Wallace and the 3rd and 4th Marquesses. This museum was opened to public 1900 in Hertford house, Manchester square. The 28 room’s museum features French collection of the 18th century. It also displays the painting by eight Canaletto, Titian, Rembrandt, and Gainsborough and Fragonard, wonderful Renaissance treasures. The museum also holds the collection of arms and armors.

You can check out for Le Cordon Bleu, which is the world largest hospitality institute, which is serving 20,000 students annually. It has a huge campus, and the school was named after the French knights created in 1578. They were awarded with the cross of Holy Spirit hung with a blue ribbon. As per the history say’s the group became famous for its extravagant and luxurious banquet know as cordon blues. Later the name was adopted by French culinary magazine in the 19th century. It started offering best chefs and then was recognized as one of the most privileged cooking schools.

You might have heard about the art and the latest fashion in London, etc. The largest specialist in art and design in Europe is the university of London. It is recognized as the leading institute for research and teaching in art, design, fashion, communication and performance arts. The institute becomes a single legal entity under the education reform act 1988. The university comprises of six leading collages. They offer you different range of courses, undergraduate, postgraduate and research level.

The other institute, which was approved by the Privy Council in 1992, is the University of Westminster. Focusing on innovation and scientific discovery as the original polytechnic was recognized on London regent streets in 1838. The university was awarded by the university status in 1992, which means it can award its degree. The university is located on the north bank, of the river Thames and has a large focus of London historic and esteemed landmark. These landmarks include Westminster abbey, Buckingham palace, and the west end of London. It is UNESCO world heritage site.

If you are planning to visit London in the near future and to have a long vacation, you can surely ask your travel agent for a package that will cover all these historical places and much more. That you can take the pride in knowing the history of London.