Looking Forward: What Will Open Up First in London, Post-Lockdown?

London Post-Lockdown

Few people need informing that, right now, London is in lockdown. Visiting the British capital is a no-go for the vast majority of us, but that won’t always be the case. Hopefully, with the successful roll-out of Covid-19 vaccines in the UK and overseas, travellers will be able to flock to London sooner rather than later – for leisure as well as business.
Yet, when the city eventually starts to emerge from lockdown, what can those on London city breaks UK realistically expect to do and enjoy? In other words, which of London’s attractions will most likely open up first post-lockdow?

London Markets

Camden Market (54-56 Camden Lock Place NW1 8AF)

Camden Market London

Perhaps the most famous of all London’s markets, Camden’s was the first to reopen after the first UK lockdown came to an end. Back then, its operators were careful to make sure it was Covid-safe; in similar fashion to Montcalm precautionary measures, they instigated a one-way system, put down floor markings and set up hand-sanitiser stations, thereby ensuring visitors moved in the same direction, social-distanced and could keep their hands totally clean.

When the market reopens this time, it’s fair to assume such precautions – and maybe more – will be in place again. It’s also likely that, unfortunately, not all the vendors and stalls will reopen, but hopefully many will, especially the food vendors, such as Magic Falafel, Only Jerkin’ and StakeHAUS (but maybe only for collection and delivery).

Borough Market (8 Southwark Street SE1 1TL)

Borough Market London

The legendary Borough Market just down the road from London Bridge is actually open now, yet you certainly won’t find it running on full cylinders, let alone packed to the rafters with artisan foody visitors sampling its stalls’ delicious wares. So why is it open? For an important purpose – to serve nutrient-rich fresh produce to the local community. Hopefully, when the lockdown’s lifted and we get deeper into the year, it can be more than just provide a priorities-first service and get back to becoming something like its usual self.

Mercato Metropolitano (Mayfair) (St Mark’s, North Audley Street W1K 6ZA)

If you’re a fan of Borough Market, then this relatively new addition to London’s market scene, located in Mayfair at the very heart of capital, may be right up your street. Its larger sister in South London’s Elephant & Castle district is open through lockdown (helping to provide much needed meals to the community), but the Mayfair operation – housed as it is an ornate former church – won’t reopen until after lockdown. Its food stands, eateries and vaulted wine cellar will certainly be worth checking out then, yet it’s likely to reopen slowly, at first offering takeaway and deliveries.

London Parks


The lifting of lockdown is inevitably going to see increasing numbers of Londoners and, as time goes on, visitors flitting about the city; here, there and everywhere. There will be Covid-safe guidelines in place, of course, and social-distancing requirements and, hopefully, the vast majority of people will be sensible and follow them.

However, if post-lockdown and you’re enjoying, say, a 2 night London hotel deals Montcalm Marble Arch London, you want to spend time outside, soaking up the atmosphere of the city and, yes, the simple fact you’re in London, then perhaps the best place to do so will be in one or more of the capital’s magnificent parks.

Each are packed with natural beauty (especially in the colourful months of spring and summer) and are expansive enough to keep your distance from others safely for long periods of time. When the lockdown was lifted last year, all of Central London’s Royal Parks (Hyde Park, Green Park and St James’s Park) reverted to their normal opening times, meaning they only closed their gates when night fell; which could well be the case this year.