Marble Arch’s Hidden Gem – Your Guide to Shepherd Market


One of the best things about living in any major city is the exploration factor. You never know which small side street or corner will reveal an area you never knew existed, and London has a raft of hidden gems like this that most visitors never see.

Shepherd Market is one such place, hidden between Piccadilly and Curzon street and playing host to a range of fashion boutiques, fine jewellery shops and fantastic art galleries. And, even better, it’s all only a short journey from your Montcalm Hotel London.

How to Get There

Shepherd Market is only a 15-minute walk from Montcalm Hotel London, and the route you need to take is easy and hassle-free.

Simply make your way on to Park Lane and follow it all the way along Hyde Park until you reach South Street. Here, you need to hang a left and move along South Street until you find South Audley Street on your right. Move along this street until you come to Curzon Street. Keep going until you pass the Curzon Mayfair cinema and then take a right onto Trebeck Street and you see the road marked ‘Shepherd Market’ – and you’re there!

The Shops

The first place you might want to visit is Guy & Max. The boutique outfit produces fantastic, hand-made jewellery with classic influences and a modern outlook. You’ll find a lot of rough-hewn stones set into unique designs, big statement pieces and more. It’s an amazing place to go just to eye up the latest designs on show, and the ideal venue to find something different and that’s one-of-a-kind.

Simon Carter is also a great store to check out if you’re shopping for modern men’s clothing that’s both on-trend but also practical. It’s the kind of place you can imagine young aristocrats going to perfect their ‘man about town’ look, and Simon Carter covers everything from clothing to cufflinks to luggage.

And, finally, if you’re in the mood to shop for elegant, exceptional timepieces, you need to swing by Watches of Mayfair. The boutique offers watches from big-name makers like Breitling and Cartier, covering everything from the latest, ultra-modern designs to understated, classic pieces. It’s the place to go if you want a permanent souvenir of your visit to London. And, if you’re overloaded after all that retail therapy, you’re only a stone’s throw from one of Montcalm’s many Hotels in London.

The Galleries

If you’re in the mood to take in some art, Shepherd Market is also home to many galleries, all offering something a little bit different.

For a smaller, locally-owned gallery, take the time to visit 54 the Gallery, which features a great deal of contemporary British art and has a nice, cosy atmosphere and friendly staff.

If, however, you love modern art, then you need to make the journey to Maddox Gallery. It’s a plush, very upmarket art space and the focus here is on modern art. You can find the latest works from internationally-known artists, and you may well find pieces from Andy Warhol and Bradley Theodore side-by-side.