A Montcalm Guide for Cyclists Visiting London


London is a popular destination for cyclists. Many locals cycle as part of their daily commute; and many more enjoy cycling as a fun pastime or a way to see the sights. If you feel like joining them during your visit to the city, here’s our guide to cycling when in London…


Check maps for the best route

London Transport has compiled a great guide to the many routes and maps for cycling around London, whether through the nearby parks, waterways or forests. Not everywhere in London is cyclist-friendly, though many places are.

Google Maps offers the chance to see bicycle routes around the city, helping you plot the safest and most convenient areas for getting around on two wheels.

Planning your route also helps if you’re new to cycling or don’t know the city well, allowing you to stay far away from dangerous areas and potentially dangerous situations for cyclists.

As much as the city strives to be a great place for you to travel by bike, as with all busy cities it’s not without its risks. Stick to areas with less traffic and construction work where possible, and you’ll make your cycling stay at Montcalm London City much more enjoyable.

Understand bicycle etiquette

Cities like London have their own cyclist etiquette, particularly in relation to drivers if you are planning on cycling through major thoroughfares. The Cycle Superhighways have made inner city cycling much simpler, but it’s still important to observe basic steps during your visit to the Montcalm London City.

To avoid accident or injury, consult guidelines on how to indicate you are turning, and be respectful of everyone else on the road, including drivers, pedestrians, and other cyclists alike. If you need to overtake another cyclist, be sure to do so safely, and let the other cyclist know you are going to be doing so ahead of time. Communication is key to a successful bike ride.

Choose your kit with care

From ensuring you have the right clothing to be visible at night to kitting yourself out with a cycling helmet, it’s vital to choose your gear with safety in mind when cycling in the big city. Lights are important, and a reflective vest or band will help keep you and everyone else on the road safe.  Plan for all weathers. Protective clothing is also important, minimising damage should you have an accident and helping you get back safely to one of our hotels in London.

Take advantage of cycling schemes

London has its own public bicycle scheme which could help you avoid lugging your own bike around needlessly. The first half hour is free on Santander Cycles, and there are more than 70 docking stations where you can pick up a bike to hire for 24 hours. It’s quick and easy to hire – all you need is a bank card or to download the official Santander Cycles app, and you’ll soon be well on your way to exploring London in style!