Museums at Night: History after Dark


Museums really are one of the best things about being in London. Any city with a history as old as London’s can boast some pretty interesting museums; but London really goes above and beyond the norm to create a truly fascinating and exceptional museum scene. You can go out today and see some of the greatest wonders in the world, usually free of charge. It’s never been easier to learn about the history of the world and yetit’s so easy to miss out on it all. We live busy lives and finding time to attend a museum, especially within regular museum hours, can be so difficult. Which is why, each year, the museums of London go one step beyond. Museums at Night takes place from Thursday May 14th through to Saturday May 16th and gives you access to some of London’s most interesting museums after hours; with a drink or three while you’re at it. A wide range of museums are open and ready to put on a bit of a show; but it only runs for a few nights so here’s a few of the best to help you choose.

Mad Men and Bad Men

At this curious museum in Notting Hill, just a short walk from the luxury hotels in Marble Arch, you can find a fascinating exploration of brands and advertising and the intersection between them and politics; just in time for you to reflect on the recent election too. Expect plenty of scandal, some thought provoking and disturbingly Orwellian tactics, plenty of inappropriate influences, and of course a cash bar. It should be an excellent evening for anyone with an interest in history, politics, marketing, or simply learning while drinking.

Court Adjourned

A late night at the court might not seem like the best way to spend an evening but the UK Supreme Court is really bringing out their entertainment A-Game for this year’s Museums at Night exhibit. The special late opening features some excellent live jazz and a bar. It’s not all about the fun though, there’s a lot to learn. Court ushers are on hand to teach you about the behind the scenes action of a hearing, there’s judicial assistants who will describe their experiences, and even a courtroom drama put on by the Inner Temple’s amateur dramatics society.

UCL Museum Murder Mystery

Moving on to other side of the law we’ve got an evening of dark noir mystery and suspicion at the Grant Museum of Zoology. Identify the murderer from a cast of sinister character by looking for clues around the museum, dress as your favourite detective, and compete with other visitors for prizes. It’ll be a fun event with a nicely innovative incentive to explore the museum’s many interesting exhibits. The museum itself is only a short walk through Marylebone and Fitzrovia from the luxury hotels in Marble Arch, so book a room at the Montcalm Marble Arch and head out for an incredible weekend of learning.