Post-Lockdown’s Top UK City Breaks


Since the April lockdown easing, the realisation has dawned that holidays within the UK are back on the cards this summer. With many people having missed out on a holiday last summer, this year will no doubt see an influx of flats, luxury accommodation in London and other cities being booked. After a year left mostly with only our local surroundings for stimulation, it’d be no surprise if many of us in the UK are thirsting for a little variety.

As it stands, lockdown is set to end completely come the summer in either May, June or July, matching up perfectly with the summer holidays. Whilst international travel is not yet off the table, it’s safer to assume that this summer won’t be one for jet setting holidays and instead, one of exploring those parts of the United Kingdom that we might not otherwise have had the chance to enjoy. This blog will outline some of the best cities for a holiday in the UK, and what makes them stand out as the perfect getaways from lockdown.


Simple Joys to Experience Again in Post-Lockdown London

If you’re going on holiday in a British city, then London should be your first port of call. Not only is London a home to luxury hotels such as The Montcalm Marble Arch Hotel, but it is the multicultural capital and literal capital of the country. Alongside a thriving scene of art galleries, museums and world-class entertainment, the millennia and a half long history of the city are still very much visible in its architecture. From the remnants of the London wall to the tumultuous thousand-year history of the Tower of London, there’s a lot to explore even before the service and leisure industries open up again in the country.


famous Brighton Pier and ocean located in the south coast of England UK

Just an hour-long train journey from London, it won’t be long before Montcalm COVID updates and national lockdown easing make it even safer to explore further afield in tourist hub cities such as Brighton. With its gaudy Regency-era architecture, thriving LGBT community and beachside entertainment economy, Brighton is the top destination for weekend escapes, especially in the summer months.


Canal and Media City at night, Manchester, UK

Manchester is a city in the Northwest of England and the historic industrial hub of the country. Nowadays, however, Manchester’s nearby Salford has transformed the area into a thriving media and cultural hub. With decades of music history and an energised university population, the striking architecture and beautiful mountain ranges surrounding Manchester are made even more memorable by its thriving local nightlife.


City Of Bristol

Based in the southwest, Bristol is nestled beside the banks of the pastorally beautiful River Avon. With an ancient history reflected in its medieval architecture, Bristol is a city that has something for all ages and tastes. Whether you’re visiting for the local nightlife, music and theatre scene, or for the nearby beaches along the Severn, Bristol is a truly multifaceted holiday city.


Panoramic picture of City of London

With a political history extremely resonant today, Belfast is a city that you’ll no doubt want to enjoy on a walking tour. As the birthplace of Titanic, the interactive Titanic experience is also a popular tourist attraction for families. It’s not just history either, Belfast’s culinary scene has seen a resurgence recently, and many of the world’s best chefs have been taking the helm at its constantly evolving array of restaurants.