Shopping for the kids in London

Shopping for the kids in London

Travelling with the kids can be both fun and challenging.

Voyaging over vast distances can really take it out of them, never mind yourself. Keeping them entertained is another thing entirely, you need to carefully pick activities that will be both stimulating and interesting for your little one’s. London is a perfect destination for this and has a host of family-friendly attractions for you to visit.

Take a ride of the London Eye to get a great view over the city, while also giving them the excitement of going on a Ferris wheel, or head to London Zoo in Regent’s Park, a guaranteed great day out. Maybe after a long day of walking around the street of the English capital, the kids deserve a little treat?

London has a wide range of children’s clothes shops to suit all kinds of budgets. As they get a little bit tired, maybe a gift will perk them up so you can pick a new outfit from one of the various outlets across the city. So where should you head if you are looking for some children’s fashion boutiques?

Here are our suggestions of the best retailers the London has to offer.

Igloo – St John’s Wood High Street, Islington

Set in the north London area of Islington, Igloo is a quaint little boutique full of clothes, toys and accessories for your little ones. The shop specialises in inventive educational ideas such as ant and worm farms and even telescopes, although this might not be so practical if you are on a short break in the capital.

If you want your child to look their best then Igloo has you covered with a host of top designer names in the world of kids fashion. For girls you can pick from garments made by the likes of Paul Smith, Elizabeth Hurley or UGG while for the boys there is Barts, Finger In The Nose and Ver de Terre.

Igloo has other locations in Wimbledon and Chelsea.

Harrods – Brompton Road, Knightsbridge

Arguably the most famous department store in the world, Harrods has an extensive childrenswear range. This iconic shop, founded by Charles Henry Harrod in 1849, is a London institution and what better way to treat the kids by taking them this sprawling retail space and purchasing a garment or two?

From baby clothing to shirt and t-shirts for teens, here you will find all the very best names in fashion. Brands such as Armani, Burberry and Dolce & Gabbana all have their products stocked within the famous walls of Harrods. The best thing about this store when with children is that the huge toy section will keep them entertained.

The best thing about Harrods is that you can spend the entire day there simply wandering around and admiring the decor and sheer decadence of it all. If you are really feeling flush, combine the visit with a spot of dinner in the department store’s many restaurants.

Oh Baby London – Brick Lane, Tower Hamlets

The east end should already be high up on the list of places to visit when you come to London. It gives you a feel of real life in the city and has a certain level of gritty charm often not seen in the majority of tourist attractions. If you are travelling with a newborn, you can commemorate your visit with a gift.

Explore East London

Oh Baby London is the perfect outlet if you wanting a present for your latest arrival. The company has a range of babygros with various witty slogans and is something a bit different than the traditional clothing offered by many High Street stores. Those on a budget can pick up a bib, towel and toy gift set for just £30.

Whatever gift you purchase will always be something to look back on reminisce about your time in London in years to come.

Trotters – various locations across London

Trotters is a well-known children’s store across London. With stores in Kensington, Clapham, Turnham Green, Guildford and at the Westfield centre there are plenty of places to get your child a nice gift from. Catering for girls, boys and babies there is something for whatever you are looking for.

Unlike the more expensive end of the children’s wear spectrum, with the likes of Harrods catering in the designer brand names, Trotters is much more affordable and you can pick up a few items without breaking the bank. It has everything from formal shirts to casual t-shirts and skirts while also having a ballet section.

If you are looking for something more than just clothing then Trotters has you covered with various toys, books and other gifts. You can also kit you children out for going back to school, although this could put a bit of a dampener on the holiday vibe!.If you are looking to visit the capital city soon, be sure to book yourself into one of the many Luxury London hotels available.