Stay safe in London


While we want your stay at the Montcalm London Marble Arch Hotel to be enjoyable, above all we want you to be safe.

Of course, London is a very safe place to enjoy a holiday. But just because you’re on a break, that doesn’t mean you should stop taking the basic safety precautions you’d take if you were out and about in your local town or city.

If anything, it’s even more important to be careful, since you’ll be in unfamiliar surroundings and not necessarily aware of where you could find assistance.

We therefore thought we’d put together a few recommendations to help you stay safe in London – not to scare you, just to guarantee that you enjoy a pleasant and enjoyable trip free of incident.

Plan your journey

Work out your entire route and what modes of transport you will use and when ahead of time. If you are travelling on foot at any point, make sure you stay on designated roads and paths, rather than risk shortcuts such as alleyways, heavily wooded areas and patches of wasteland.

Meanwhile, don’t take the risk of walking at night unaccompanied and be vigilant for anything that is happening around you.

Finally, if you deviate from your earlier travel plans and decide to get a taxi back to your hotel, make sure you stick to either registered mini-cabs or black cabs.

Stay vigilant at your destination

London Attractions

If you’re enjoying an evening at one of London’s many top bars and restaurants, then you need to be just as careful as you were while you were en route.

This means you should be mindful of thieves, in particular pickpockets, and make sure any bags and personal possessions are kept well out of sight.

Also, keep an eye on all your friends and make sure that they are also safe. If you see them chatting with a stranger, it’s best to at least keep looking over cautiously just in case a problem arises. Ask them to return the favour too, so you’ve always got someone watching your back.

Anyone enjoying London’s hospitality is also probably best off not accepting drinks from strangers, or leaving any drinks unattended even for a minute. Otherwise, do you really know what’s in it?

Finally, when you’ve arrived back at your hotel room, make sure all your friends have got back safely too if they are staying at different accommodation. Just a quick text to the rest of your party will do.

Other safety tips

1) If you’re going to draw out some money, make sure it’s from an ATM on a busy and well-lit road. Otherwise, opportunistic thieves might fancy their chances and try to grab your cash. On the subject of ATMs, look around you before entering your number to make sure you aren’t being watched – and look out for suspicious devices that are attached to the machine that don’t look like they belong there.

2) A pickpocket is not a master criminal – they target people who make it easy for them. So don’t do things like leave your purse close to the top of a handbag that doesn’t shut tightly and securely. Otherwise, you are practically inviting a thief to look your way.

3) Don’t take more money than you actually need, or anything else for that matter. Many of the items in your purse and wallet could be left securely at the hotel if you’re heading out, so if you are unlucky enough to get targeted by a thief, at least the impact won’t be as severe as it might otherwise have been.

4) Don’t leave your bags unattended. It’s a sad fact that London is a terrorist target and a rogue backpack or suitcase could be enough to trigger a security alert. After all, anti-terror police in the UK capital can’t afford to take any chances and must treat every single scare as if it is a major incident.

5) Keep your phone on silent. If you have it in your pocket with the vibrate function switched on instead, you’ll know when you get a text, call or notification, without drawing attention to yourself. Don’t forget to password-protect your handset, so even if it does get stolen, it will be of no use to the thief and they won’t be able to access any sensitive material it contains. And in the event of a theft, let your service provider and report the crime to the police.

The last thing we want is for you to be panicking about getting robbed if you are planning a stay at a hotel in London. But that doesn’t mean you should be willfully blind about the risks that exist every time you step outside your front door.

Ultimately though, most criminals are just out for easy targets, so with a few simple precautions you can reduce your chances of falling victim considerably and instead concentrate on enjoying yourself.