Staycation Tips For The UK


With recent COVID restrictions being tightened all across the UK, it’s unsurprising that many UK citizens have had to postpone or indeed cancel their overseas holiday plans. With flight corridors narrowing across Europe and beyond, it’s more difficult than ever to plan a jet setting break for you and your family or friends. This is why those seeking some much-needed relaxation time over the Christmas holidays and the Easter break just three months away are searching inward rather than across the sea.

There are many stunning holiday destinations across the UK and hotels such as The Montcalm Marble Arch have been going the extra mile to ensure the safety and wellbeing of guests during the coronavirus crisis. This makes the balance of safety and wanderlust that little bit more manageable, so long as you set your sights within the UK and not beyond over the next few holiday periods. This is because the rising COVID cases within the UK mean that it is still rather difficult to gain access to international tourist hotspots and the often fortnight-long quarantine periods required by those countries still accepting British flights are likely rather untenable for most travellers.

Long story short, many UK holidaymakers are staying within the confines of the UK and even the British Isles for their holidays. Whilst the complex and multipronged tier regulations might make long-distance travel that little bit more difficult, there are still many spots in the UK and close to home that can make viable holiday destinations. Below are some of the top tips for picking your staycation destination, as well as some of the best areas for scenic and relaxing holiday spots.

Top Tips For Staycations During The COVID 19 Restrictions

Whilst the COVID 19 virus affects worldwide travel, holidaymakers everywhere have had to think twice about the necessity of their trips. Whilst business travel and that of key workers has taken top priority, a year without holidays or even just a London overnight trip has left the rest of us itching to explore. Whilst it might be difficult to truly explore the unknown at the moment, day trips and overnight stays in your local area are still an option, as long as you follow some precautionary guidelines.

Check Availability In Advance

Whilst the Montcalm care protocol means that we’re always on top of our COVID precautions,  the everchanging tier system in the UK means that you should always check the availability of the room, house or apartment you’re planning to stay at a few days before your trip. With COVID infection rates seeing accommodation fluctuate between open and shut on a weekly basis, you should keep up to date with the status of the area you’re visiting, and whether you’re putting yourself or others at risk by visiting the area.

Pack PPE

Wherever you’re travelling, you can’t guarantee that there’ll be PPE in your new accommodation, or indeed travel stops along the way. Make sure that you pack your own facemasks and antibacterial gel whilst also maintaining social distance when possible.

Drive If Possible

Day Trips from london

On the subject of social distancing, if you can drive to your destination, you should. Trains and other forms of public transport are hotbeds for coronavirus transmission, so driving with your core bubble will make it much easier to stay safe and avoid catching the bug.

Pick A Destination That’s Off The Beaten Track

Core bubbles and social distancing are one thing, but limiting the number of people you’re in the vicinity of is quite another. Before picking a destination to travel to, do your research and make sure your choice is informed by how crowded and popular it is. There are plenty of unique tourist attractions and beauty spots across the UK that are overlooked, and in these economically trying times, these are the ones that need to be nurtured.

Top English Holiday Destinations

The British Isles are home to some of the most diverse landscapes in Europe, transporting visitors from dramatic coastal cliffs to the bucolic beauty of the home country countryside. The holiday retreats listed below are broader areas that are easy to reach from the major cities of England.

The South Downs And Coast

There are plenty of London getaway deals available on the south coast for the capital-dwelling travel starved and country-craving among us. Check out accommodation in beautiful towns such as Lewes and Eastbourne, where you can get a taste of the South Downs National Park, in all of its hilly glory. Make sure not to miss the pebbly beaches of Sussex, which in pre-COVID times would be flocked to in tourist cities such as Brighton.

Cornwall And Devon

Easy to reach from cities such as Bristol and Exeter, the Southwest tip of the UK sees dramatic beaches and prime surf spots take centre stage. With plenty of beautiful nature trails and reserves, villages such as Newquay and Falmouth are among the many towns that meld creative culture with natural beauty.

Norfolk Broads

This often overlooked area of England has a lot of history to it and remains one of the rawest examples of English rurality. With thousands of years of history and unique boggy landscapes, the Norfolk Broads is easily reachable from cities such as Norwich and Cambridge.

Seaside Towns of Essex And Kent

Whilst the high infection rates in the Southeast of England might deter you from visiting anytime soon, villages and towns such as Dunstable, Margate and Whitstable are prime beauty spots for daytrippers from London and the South. With thriving pleasure beaches, traditional British pubs and rustic harbours, these are certainly ones to visit during the post-COVID summer.

The Cotswolds

The Cotswolds are just an hours car or train journey from London and provide one of the best examples of home county idylls. The rolling hills, quiet villages and ancient city centrepiece of Oxford all make for a relaxing weekend, especially when you add the countless rural cottages to the equation. Expect country pubs, farmers markets and Roman ruins amongst the many valleys of the Cotswolds.