Taking a class at The Flying Trapeze School in St John’s Wood


For anyone who has ever wanted to know what it’s like to try their hand in the circus, the Flying Trapeze School in St John’s Wood is on hand to provide the perfect taster session, with a range of classes for varying skill levels. In this blog, we’ll take a look at what a class with the school provides – and how to book one yourself…

Who can take a class here?

Anyone is welcome to join in at one of the classes. The school welcomes students as young as eight years old, and the oldest current student is an impressive seventy-eight. The classes are developed to encourage everyone taking part to pace themselves and develop their skills, and range from ‘drop in’ classes to more advanced programs for those who take the process more seriously. No matter your current flexibility or skillset, there’s one for you to try while staying at the Montcalm hotel.

How many people are in the classes?

Each class is comprised of up to 10 students. Due to the niche nature of the classes, they tend to sell out quickly – so guests at 5 star hotels in London who are particularly eager to take part are advised to book in advance to avoid missing out.

How do I get to the venue?

The nearest tube station to the school is situated in St John’s Wood, providing easy access to the venue, particularly while staying at a spa hotel in London nearby.

What classes are on offer?

As the school caters to different skillsets, there are a range of different classes available to try. These classes are comprised of:

Level 1 Flying Trapeze

This class is perfect for absolute beginners or those nervous about heights. They also require less commitment than the other levels, so are perfect for visitors who simply want to see what all the fuss is about without taking the process further.

Level 2 Flying Trapeze

If you’ve already completed one of the other classes with the school, this is the ideal way to continue learning. Joining this class is also a great option if you’ve practised trapeze at another learning institution, and are eager to develop your skills.

Level 3 Flying Trapeze

If you’ve already taken a class with the school during the past year, and have developed crucial skills, then this is the way to continue learning safely and effectively. The class is definitely only suited to students who have existing knowledge of trapeze.

Can I bring along spectators?

Spectators are welcome to come along to watch a class, and are advised to bring cameras so you can grab a few snapshots of your own trapeze journey. There’s absolutely no pressure for those who visit to take part, so even people with a fear of heights can come along and join in with the welcoming atmosphere.