The Montcalm Marble Arch Is Open Now. Here Is How We Prepared to Welcome You

The Montcalm Marble Arch Is Open Now

As the tourism industry begins to reopen across the UK, hotels such as The Montcalm Marble Arch have tentatively started to reopen services. Whilst many may still be shielding or indeed quarantining, others have started to book holidays, business trips and even London staycations. These decisions are personal ones that only you can make, whilst some may not feel comfortable in busier settings, others who are or do not have immunocompromising conditions may feel that they can safely enjoy hotel and tourism services.

That being said, every individual in a country affected by the COVID 19 pandemic must take responsibility for their own safety, and of course that of those around them. That is why we at the Montcalm Hotel group have developed our own cleanliness strategy to make your stay as worry and stress-free as possible. Below are some of the responsibilities and precautions we have taken to ensure the safety of our guests and our employees.

What Is The Montcalm Care Protocol?

The Montcalm Care Protocol refers to the set of measures that the Montcalm Hotel is implementing over the COVID 19 pandemic. These measures offer secure and safe sanitisation procedures that are aimed at ensuring solid protection for both guests and employees.

Montcalm Hygiene Butler

One of the highlights of the Montcalm strategy is the employment and training of the Montcalm Hygiene Butler. This newly developed role ensures that there’s someone in every Montcalm hotel on hand to make sure the hotel is as clean and COVID-free as possible.

Staff Training

Not only does the Hygiene Butler oversee all safety measures put in place, but will train all members of staff accordingly as well. Up to date on the latest protocols and safety measures, the Hygiene Butler provides world-class service so that our staff can serve you.

On-Site Guest Liason

The Hygiene Butler is responsible for implementing safety measures and providing training but also ensures that customer needs are met and questions are answered. We want our guests to know how we’re protecting them, and our friendly neighbourhood Hygiene Butler will be on hand to ensure you’re fully informed.

Cleanliness Standards Implementation

From departmental checklists to ordering in sanitisation tools, the Hygiene Butler provides National Hygiene Standard level service in all areas of the hotel departments. Whether liaising with the kitchen staff or overseeing sanitisation in the guest rooms, the Hygiene Butler makes sure the hotel is always meeting its government-sanctioned precautionary measures.

What To Expect On Arrival

What To Expect On Arrival

So, now you know about the new member of staff on hand, it’s time to get down to what you can now expect from a stay with us. With exclusive offers and discounts now available, it’s the perfect time to get to know what has changed in terms of our COVID-era customer service.

Bars and Public Spaces Will Be Regularly Sanitised

After every visit, each open area of our hotels will be sanitised thoroughly. From door handles to bar tables, each area will be regularly monitored and cleaned so that you can relax without worry. Furthermore, the bar and restaurant’s tables and chairs will be rearranged to meet social distancing measures, whilst hand sanitisers will be readily available throughout the hotel’s facilities.

Customer Facing Staff Will Wear Gloves

Montcalm Care

Bellboys and doormen will be wearing gloves, ensuring their own personal safety and that of the guest luggage they may be called on to handle. And on the subject of guest luggage, you can rest assured that our professional staff, between handlings, will sanitise your bags so that when they’re handed back to you, they’re safe to touch.

Social Distancing


A,l our staff have been trained to maintain social distancing during any interactions with staff. On top of this, we have put up posters and signs throughout our hotel facilities to remind you of the importance of social distancing within our public areas.

Guest Rooms

And from the public to the private, there have been a number of changes to the way that our luxury rooms will operate and look.

Rooms Will be Disinfected Between Each Stay

Whether you’re staying for a night or a week, each and every one of our guest rooms will be sanitised and thoroughly cleaned between each visit. Thanks to our on-site Hygiene Butler, our cleaning staff have been properly trained to minimise any threat of infection that could come from the surfaces and items within our rooms.

Personal Protective Equipment Provided

Whether you’ve brought your own hand sanitiser or facemasks, we’ll be providing each and every room with our own complimentary protective gear. These are not only for your own protection but symbolise the level of commitment that we have to your safety during your visit.

Daily Glassware Sterilisation

Daily Glassware Sterilisation

All glassware in our hotel rooms will be sterilised and thoroughly washed between guests. Cleaners will also be removing cushions, bed throws, newspapers, magazines, guest directories and ironing equipment from all rooms. If guests would like to use any of these services, they should contact reception, who will gladly oblige your requests.

Food And Beverage Policies

Our breakfast, lunch and dinner menus have changed in light of sanitisation guidelines. There will no longer be breakfast buffets in our restaurant areas. Instead, guests can order breakfast to their bedrooms. If you don’t want to eat in your room, then you can order from our “breakfast on the go” menu. Our lunch and dinner menus will also have a limited in-room dining option, whilst all restaurant and bar floors will be adjusted to fit social distancing guidelines.

Public Facilities

Whilst our spa facilities aren’t fully open yet, you can enquire at individual hotel receptions about what services you can access. Our meeting and event rooms have all had adjustments made to them so that you can remain socially distanced during your meeting, wedding event or conference. Furthermore, every high touch area in our event rooms will be sanitised hourly, whilst third-party businesses, such as florists, entertainers and tech staff will be fully informed on our hygiene policies.